Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscars Quintet - the comedic wins!

Predictably my top 5 moments of the Oscars are comedic, though not necessarily the moments you might expect. Although there weren't many funny moments in last night's ceremonies (other than the idea that anyone could have believed that James and Anne would be good hosts) there were enough small things to make the "good parts version"* sort of charming.

5. The Harry Potter autotune, because it proves that Oscar has lost his matter how many times they talk about tradition and use holographic Bob Hope (in case you missed it

4. James Franco's Grandmother. Have you seen her?

3. Justin Timberlake taking the piss out of Kirk Douglas with his "you know," crack because Kirk Douglas has had a huge cane and the image of him beating some sense into Timberlake was too funny for me to ignore. Also of interest? Kirk Douglas regularly blogs on his MySpace 94! Who knows if it's interesting but that deserves respect!

2. Colin Firth's understated yet surprisingly funny speech which both acknowledged the performance which propelled this year's nomination to a win (he name dropped Tom Ford) and the entertainingly quaint image of him having to fight the urge to dance. I've seen him's both hilarious and adorable:

1. Tom Hooper citing the "Melissa Leo F-bomb" not an hour after the shell shocked supporting star dropped the first four-letter faux pas in Oscarland. It's ridiculous how quickly a new catch phrase is born. Also a part of this entertaining moment: the fact that when I tried to search the historical instances of swearing at the Oscars not fifteen minutes after the blessed incident, the first 5 pages of results were full articles on her apology.

I would also like to take a moment to nominate Tina Fey to host next year's awards. Honestly at least a comedian next year...ANY COMEDIAN!

*Good parts version: is the version of any overwrought drama or extended piece of cinema that is so tedious or unbelievable that one is forced to record and fast forward through the boring parts, thus only the "good parts version" remains.

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  1. I have been watching the Oscars since before I was a teenager. I remember the 67th Academy Awards and wanting Pulp Fiction to win. This was before I had even seen the movie. It was two years later that I actually started caring about who won.

    This was one of the worst ceremonies I have ever watched. I can't even blame Anne Hathaway and James Franco. I have to blame the producers and terrible job of pacing we witnessed.

    Sure, the opening montage was cute. But it has become standard to put the host(s) into scenes with the Best Picture nominees.

    I was a little disappointed by a few things:
    1. Hilary Swank needing to be on stage to introduce Kathryn Bigelow. I think the reigning Best Director has enough respect on her own.
    2. The Best Picture montage prior to the big announcement narrated by The King's Speech. It was in poor taste. That might have been appropriate for AFTER The King's Speech had been crowned!