Monday, April 4, 2011

Nurse Jackie is back with a bang...

Not literally of course, though the opening episode of the season does include cutesy sidekick Zoey (played brilliantly as always by Merrit Weaver) discussing her carnal adventures with paramedic Lenny in graphic detail. No the opener of season 3 finds Jackie right where we left her, to the credit of the writers, trapped in the bathroom of her suburban house and at the mercy of her husband`s wrath. By throwing us back into the middle of a situation we know, then promptly turning it on its head (as Jackie goes into spin control) we are told very quickly, "this will not be the season where Jackie gets clean." Or at least not yet. Had the writers attempted the time lapse, 'we`re-not-going-to-explain-how-she-got-out-of-this' trick they pulled in season 2 (remember the at work drug trip at the end of Season 1?) I would have been very upset with them.

Season 3, thus far, has done a good job of setting up the issues we are to deal with in the upcoming season and it puts Jackie in a position she knows all too well: lying to keep it together. While I haven't had the pleasure of episode 2 (though it has already been released) I must say after the season opener I'm back in the groove and I want to see where we're headed. As a character, Edie Falco's Jackie Peyton is strong, confident and effortlessly duplicitous. And as her life begins to fall apart around her and she desperately tries to keep control of a sincerely out of control aspect of her life, I'll be there, sitting on the sidelines, cheering for Jackie and hoping she gets out of this unscathed. Clearly it is much more interesting to watch Jackie habitually make the wrong choices and mess up her life even further but can you imagine how much fun she would be in rehab?

Just a thought.

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  1. I am equally excited and apprehensive about this season. I have seen episode two, which I think was better than the season premiere. Jackie's actions make me want to look away in horror but I am always too intrigued to turn away.

    I know you love Zoey, but I have always been a Dr. O'Hara kind of man (you know I love my English women!). The relationship between Jackie and Dr. O'Hara has so many layers.

    I think Jackie in rehab would be great, but at the same time, she has everyone (except O'Hara) fooled into thinking she doesn't have a problem.