Friday, April 22, 2011

Pick O' the Week - April 22

With the lackluster offerings available in theatres of late it is becoming more and more difficult to make decent selections for the pick of the week. To that end I'm falling back on some choices which may not be critical gems but will certainly entertain:

In Theatres: Fast Five boasts an all originals cast with the addition of crowd favourite and former Tooth Fairy, Dwayne 'the rock' Johnson. I've discussed the phenomenon before but there's nothing quite like seeing this kind of movie on opening night with the crows for whom it was intended. At least you know the car stunts will be well executed.

At Home: There are quite a few good choices for at home watching this week. If you haven't already seen The King's Speech or Black Swan please do yourself a favour and rent them. But my recommendation for this week is Rabbit Hole, which Matt previously reviewed on TheFFFurbelow. By all accounts this is the type of film which really showcases Nicole Kidman's acting.

On Television: Game of Thrones makes an intriguing, if overtly sexual addition to your weekend television to do list. With a strong ensemble cast and characters who promise to keep us guessing, you'll want to watch the next episode right away. Which is good because it screens Sundays on HBO Canada.

Retro re-watch: The Princess Bride. By all accounts Your Highness is a terrible film (I haven't had the pleasure but I've seen the other reviews). Since I was hoping it would have more of the feeling of the Princess Bride and am disappointed by the news that it doesn't, I thought 'Why not watch the original?'

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