Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Quick Look: "The Killing"

AMC premiered the first two episodes of its new original series, The Killing, this past Sunday. I use the term original loosely, as it is an American adaptation of a Danish series, Forbrydelsen. Unlike many of the cable network's series (Mad Men, Breaking Bad), The Killing premiered without much fanfare. I was especially unaware that AMC was unveiling a new series, but after the first two hours, I am hooked. It will help put my mind off the fact that Mad Men will not be airing season five until early 2012.

The Killing stars Mireille Enos as Sarah Linden, the lead homicide detective in the death of Rosie Larsen. Each episode focuses on one day of the investigation. As the series begins Linden is packing up her office and is making plans to meet her fiancé at their new home in San Diego. This case will obviously complicate her move and her upcoming wedding. She is joined in her investigation by Stephen Holden (Joel Kinnaman), her would-be successor. The series does not just focus on the police, but also on the grieving family and the growing list of suspects, which grows to include politicians. Michelle Forbes and Brent Sexton appear as Rosie's parents, while Billy Campbell stars as Darren Richmond, a mayoral candidate.

It does start off slow, but The Killing quickly finds its niche as a crime thriller. The pacing may be slow but the storytelling is effective. The series is also a who's who of former cable stars. Mireille Enos was my favourite secondary character on Big Love, Michelle Forbes was a guilty pleasure on True Blood and coincidentally also had a daughter named Rosie on In Treatment, and Billy Campbell was once the man we all hated on The 4400.

The Killing airs Sunday nights on AMC at 10, and I am strongly suggesting you check it out! The first two episodes are also available free to download on iTunes.

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