Monday, April 4, 2011

Quick Look: "Mildred Pierce"

Compelling and strong as ever, Kate Winslet stars in this HBO remake of a MGM classic Mildred Pierce. The series follows the struggle of one woman to survive in depression era United States at a time where the "grass widow army" (aka women whose husbands have walked out on them) are a silent subset of society. Having only seen the first portion of the first episode I will say this: it's a little slow. But knowing what I do about the climax of this story I'm willing to bet that they're going for the slow burn here. And baby, when they get there.....woooowee! It's gonna be good. So the bottom line is: give it a chance, and if you're unwilling to sit through the two hour installments then consider taking a look at the original for Joan Crawford in all her delicious glory. (Note: Matt will have a full review once the series is complete).

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