Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Resume play... HBO's Game of Thrones

Well, HBO's much heralded adaptation of George R. N. Martin's much beloved A Song of Fire and Ice novels began this past weekend to much pomp and circumstance on my Facebook feed.  It seems that it was well received by the small subset of humanity with which I associate.  Which is good because no one ever likes to be left out...

The action follows many characters through the political and social events which shape the kingdom of Westeros and govern the struggle for the throne of Iron.  For those who aren't usually interested in Fantasy, the show boasts Northern Irish locations and the feel of a historical drama as well as a general lack of magic (though I can't say for sure if that will remain the case, having not read the books).  For those who do enjoy fantasy, unfamiliar place names abound and the promise of an ever expanding lexicon of history and intrigue as well as a savageness and sexuality that has become quite commonplace on television these days (think Rome).

Many of the reviews say that Peter Dinklage (pictured above) has stolen the show here and I think they are quite correct, as his character Tyrion Lannister certainly appears to fit into the "hooker with a heart of gold" category (though more often he seems to be fitting into hookers in the general sense).  However while Dinklage is certainly a strong voice in this chorus of characters, I think the writers have given us a good basis from which a strong ensemble cast can grow.  Certainly all the characters have their own intrigue which could potentially expand to its own storyline down the road and it is this promise of what is to come that has me hooked.

Game of Thrones, Sundays at 9pm ET/MT on HBO Canada

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