Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This has SNL parody written all over it...

So, at Matt's insistence I've started watching The Killing.  Definitely well made and more compelling than all the CSI and NCIS franchises combined, I'm really refreshed at the perspective this miniseries is taking on something that we are by now all familiar with.  Seriously, if you haven't had the opportunity please, take a moment to watch the pilot.  I'm telling you, you will be hooked.

That said, while very well crafted, I can't help thinking as I watch that there is a parody of lead actress Mireille Enos' sideways stare coming. In fact, I can imagine a "drama squirrel" type sketch starring Kristen Wiig coming down the line.

Attn SNL: get on that already...kay?

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