Friday, May 13, 2011

Could have been Faster Five...

This past weekend I took the time to check out Fast Five in theatres.  All the original players are back in this fifth installment of the popular franchise.  Reviews of this film have generally been positive, with most reviewers saying this is a fun romp through the fictionalized under belly of Rio.

For myself, I have genuinely enjoyed the films as, while not heavy on plot, the films have always done stunt driving very well.  With this film the focus shifts to a more destructive bent, which can be seen in the trailers as Deisel and Walker race through the streets of Rio, dragging a giant vault and crushing cars, buildings and presumably people as they go.  This aspect is not something that I enjoy, the destruction of private property.  While I understand that it is very difficult to drive a car with a cable hooked to the rear, it is not as visually engaging as drifting up a parking garage in Tokyo or stealing a tractor trailer in South America.  The focus of this film seemed to be re-capturing the audience's love of the original characters and attempting to replicate the sense of drama which came with the first film.  I'm not sure they succeeded but I can understand why they would want to, the magical balance between plot and action, if done properly, can be a heady one.

The film was still entertaining and there were moments of genuine adrenaline but I did sorely miss the feeling of excitement that comes with a sequence of really strong stunt driving.  If you're bored, check out the original film (good parts version) for some really intense driving.

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  1. Considering we saw this together and we discussed it afterwards, Fast Five is a decent action movie but it doesn't really measure up in terms of a car racing film. I am still baffled by how many people in the audience seemed to laugh at every lame and clichéd interjection from Ludacris and Tyrese.