Friday, May 27, 2011

Pick O' the Week - May 27

Is it Friday again already? Another week has flown by - granted, I have had two four-day weeks in a row. Last weekend for Victoria Day we were afforded the opportunity to see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, but I can tell you I did not see it, even with Penélope Cruz's presence. This weekend, for Memorial Day in the United States, we are being treated to another sequel, The Hangover: Part II. I had wanted to see it and would have made it my pick of the week until I saw the reviews. I will most likely still see it, but I can hardly offer it as my pick without having seen it first. This weekend will be mostly spend watching French Open tennis, but there will always be time for movies!

In Theatres: The other big movie opening this week - another sequel! - is Kung Fu Panda 2. I enjoyed the first one, even though I still think a sequel is unnecessary. Jack Black is a funny man, but I enjoy him more when I do not have to look at him! There are too many other great voices to ignore. Maybe Siobhan and I will have fun seeing it together, if we can find it in 2D!

At Home: Last year there was a film we wanted to see in theatres and just never had the right timing. Micmacs, from the writer and director of the fantastic Amélie (2001), is now available on Netflix. It looks like a lot of stylish fun, and I have a weakness for French films. Hopefully I will have the time this weekend to watch it and have a review posted in the near future.

On TV: I have recently started watching Raising Hope. It is a cleverly written and often hilarious comedy about a young man still living at home with his parents who finds himself raising a baby after impregnating a serial killer who is arrested and sentenced to death. It helps that Martha Plimpton is a riot! A real contrast to her recurring role on The Good Wife.

Retro Re-watch: Speaking of Martha Plimpton, she starred in a movie I grew up watching over and over again: Parenthood. Ron Howard's 1989 movie also stars Dianne Wiest, one of my absolute favourite actresses. It is a touching and humorous movie about family with a great ensemble cast that remains one of my favourite movies from my childhood. It is the basis for NBC's current series of the same name.

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