Monday, May 30, 2011

Quick Look: "Circus (PBS)"

With the summer fast approaching I've been desperately searching for the show that will tide me over until the reruns end.  Each summer I seem to find one or two television series that just wow me and which I never got around to see when they were on television.  A few summers ago I watched all seven seasons of The West Wing, the summer before that I caught up on Spooks (MI: 5 in North America) and a few summers prior I stumbled upon a little show called Firefly.  So I've been scouring the web for suggestions as to what my next indulgence should be and in the mean time I've come across a few enjoyable interludes.  PBS' Circus is one of them.

The show is part documentary, part reality show and centers around the Big Apple circus, one of the last traveling circuses in North America.  At a time when a focus on the arts is not popular and the way of the traveling circus show is changing drastically, this circus keeps on truckin'...and PBS was along for the ride.  Interesting, poignant and generally enjoyable, the series is comprised of six, one-hour episodes and follows the lives of several performers and a few of the behind the scenes crew.  If you're in the United States you can watch the show online at and for those of us who are not, the DVD can be purchased from their shop here.

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