Friday, July 1, 2011

Pick O' the Week - July 1

Happy Canada day everyone! In honour of this joyous occasion where one and all will frolic to celebrate the independence of our great country I will be supplying a collection of Canadian cinema. What's more, much of what I have chosen happens to be playing at the Bell Lightbox for free if you're around downtown Toronto. Enjoy and play safe!

In Theatres: there aren't any Canadian films in wide release right now so instead I suggest going out and enjoying your Canada Day! Wherever you are in the country, there will be events all day and if you're not in a country that has events occurring today then I recommend having a toast to Canadiana anyway :)

At Home: certainly Matt has expounded upon the beauty of Incendies before and while I haven't yet had the pleasure, I have added t to my list. That said, my pick is another critical darling from La belle Provence which was almost remade in Hollywood; C.R.A.Z.Y. Set in the 70's in Quebec, the film follows "the extraordinary story of an ordinary family." Concentrating on the relationships between the five brothers of the Beaulieu family over many years. This one is worth the extra trouble to find somewhere to rent it. Also playing at Bell Lightbox 4:00pm July 1.

On TV: take a peak at television these days and you'll thankfully find quite a lot of Canadian content but as with our American counterparts we are overridden with cop shows. Luckily there are a selection of very popular, and very funny alternatives as well, but my for this week is actually Reboot, the 90's computer annimated kids show that was both clever and entertaining, in addition to being one of the first entirely computer animated series on television. The series took place inside a computer mainframe a la TRON. This one's worth even adults checking out as many of the terms and "computer jargon" is even funnier upon restrospect. Kids shows not your thing? Try checking out Being Erica instead.

Retro re-watch: A Married Couple is one of the most dynamic films I've ever seen. Difficult and confrontational, the marriage of Bill Edwards and his wife Antoinette is falling apart and the filmmaker was there to capture it all. This one is a difficult watch but is the kind of movie that gives you so much to discuss it simply must be watched with someone else.

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