Friday, July 29, 2011

Pick O' the Week - July 29

For the first time in a long time I've actually headed to a movie this Friday, a new release even! This summer seems to have been the summer of "could have been"s when it comes to the movies: this could have been funnier, that could have been a really blockbuster. But it seems that 2011 has been the devoid of any real blockbusters with the exception of Harry Potter, and even it couldn't keep the top spot for more than a week. So wouldn't you know it, I chose to see a movie I thought was going to be terrible for the eye candy and it turned out to be the "it could have been terrible" of the bunch. But it wasn't. It was actually really good.

In Theatres: Crazy, Stupid, Love. Cal's marriage to Emily is on the rocks, she's cheated and he's out the door within the first ten minutes of the movie. But that's just the set up. And the players are experts. Steve Carrell plays the superdad straight man with surprising ease while Ryan Gosling's Jacob is every bit the smooth talking ladies man. Their oddly charming relationship has an emotional weight that surprised me and serves to anchor the other mostly ridiculous elements of the storyline but it works. It all works together to form a film that is alternately charming and hilarious. This one's a great one for date night.

At Home: I really want to be able to suggest something good to watch at home but there's simply nothing in the new releases that is worth wasting your time on. Instead I would suggest having a look at some of our past suggestions for inspiration.

On TV: Covert Affairs is a fairly simple little show that happens to be filmed in Canada (Toronto to be exact) starring Piper Perabo and the deliciously handsome Christopher Gorham as CIA operatives working in Washington DC. Light hearted and a little silly at times, the show is anchored by the chemistry between its leads as well as the solid supporting base of stars like Sendhill Ramamurthy (Heroes) and Peter Gallagher (The OC, Californication). Think Alias but a little less serious. Season Two is now playing Tuesdays on the USA network and Season 1 is available on DVD.

Retro Re-watch: From Russia with Love stars Sean Connery once again as our favourite 007. Bond is at it once again when he is pulled into a plot to steal a soviet cryptograph and sell it back to the Russians. Little does he know it's all a clever ruse to get him killed. Kitschy, classically Connery and about as covert as an elephant this film will have you wanting to play super spy.

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