Friday, August 26, 2011

Pick O the Week - Aug 24

As with the last few "Picks" this summer, this week's picks will be based around this week's event.  Last week's event was a dear friend's wedding (which went off without a hitch, or rather....with a hitch?).  In either case, this week's event is CROSS BORDER SHOPPING!  In accordance with all regulations thereof, of course.  With that in mind, the picks this week are based around heist films!

In Theatres: 30 Minutes or Less is out this week, Jesse Eisenberg and Parks and Recreation favourite Aziz Ansari star as friends forced to knock off a bank or face two kidnappers who have threatened to set off a bomb that is strapped to an unwitting Eisenberg.  While I haven't yet seen this one, it certainly should be a silly adventure.

At Home: Ocean's Eleven has become the quintessential heist movie for an entire generation and is managed expertly by a cast of characters brought to life by several of Hollywood's most famous bachelors.  Based on the 1960's Rat Pack film it follows the adventures of a group of professionals who decide to steal from a set of Las Vegas casinos.  Well paced and alternately funny and thrilling, the film still manage to keep my attention, even ten years on.

On TV: I'm going to cheat a little on this one and recommend the first season of Prison Break.  Technically not about a heist but if you consider the main character's objective of getting his brother out of jail as a heist (of a person mind) it fits.  Michael Scoffield (a delightful Wentworth Miller), a brilliant engineer, gets himself thrown into jail to save his brother Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell).  The pacing in the first season is quite good and although it fell apart following the first season you could watch that first season as a standalone and be quite satisfied.

Retro Re-Rewatch: In keeping with the theme of remakes, this film is the original The Italian Job starring Michael Caine in the prime of his young life.  Having just been released from jail, Caine's Charlie Crocker takes on a job from an acquaintance to rob the payroll from Italian automaker Fiat.  Fun and appropriately silly this film is quintessentially 1969.

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