Friday, September 16, 2011

Pick O' the Week - Sept 16

The last week of summer is upon us and we are already entering the fall movie season. The Help was finally dethroned at the box office, at the hands of Contagion (which I have still yet to see). The Toronto International Film Festival is winding down and there does not seem to be a big name winning all the raves like Black Swan and The King's Speech last year and Precious in 2009. Moneyball and The Descendants (which CineCritical will see tomorrow) are getting the most raves, while Christopher Plummer's performance in the Canadian film Barrymore is gaining traction.

But here are my picks of the week!

In Theatres: Drive, which stars Ryan Gosling, premiered at TIFF this year but was slightly overshadowed by the star-studded premiere of The Ides of March, but this film about a movie stunt driver who gets caught up in a heist gone wrong. It is a cool movie. The film is very stylish and while it does get a little slow at times, it showcases Ryan Gosling's great talent. Mad Men's Christina Hendricks is a real treat in a small role!

At Home: I offer no theme this week, only the suggestion to rewatch Wes Anderson's great animated film Fantastic Mr Fox. Adapted from a Roald Dahl children's story, it is a great film with Anderson's trademark quirky charm. It also features a top notch cast, including George Clooney and Meryl Streep.

On TV: I have chosen it as my Pick O' the Week before, but the gang just embarked on its seventh season last night and I owe it to one of my favourite television series: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Often crude and sometimes so fantastically politically incorrect, this FX series is a gem for those of us that love that off-key brand of humour! And not to mention one of the main characters gained fifty pounds just because he thought it would be funny!

Retro Re-watch: Nicole Kidman was once my favourite actress (it kind of ended with Bewitched in 2005) and long before she won her Oscar for The Hours she was fantastically psychotic in Gus Van Sant's To Die For (1995). It is a delicious black comedy about an ambitious woman who stops at nothing to get what she wants. And it costars Illeana Douglas!

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