Friday, September 23, 2011

Pick O' the Week - September 23

Change is a coming. It's fall and that means that the cooler weather is on the horizon, and that scarves and jackets are coming out of the closets. Kids are back in school and summer clothing is going back into boxes for the next few months. In honour of bigger changes closer to home, this week's theme is "homecoming", not the Kegger/street party/American Football kind either but the return home from a long trip.


In Theatres: Surprise! The Lion King is back, and now it's in 3D! Now I'm cheating a little on this one because as CineCritical readers will know by now, I HATE 3D, so I'm recommending that you pull out your VCR, pop in that video tape your parents bought you seventeen years ago and settle into the nostalgia.

At Home: Canadian marvel Incendies follows the journey of twins whose mother has passed away but has left them secrets and a mission. For Matt's full review see here: Full Review.

On TV: I have recently discovered the new Hawaii 5-0. After watching the pilot episode, centred around the homecoming of Commander Steve McGarrett (show lead Alex O'Laughlin) I was not convinced but I still have positive feelings about Grace Park so I gave it another try. Surprisingly after the first episode things get fairly interesting. One aspect of the show that could easily be annoying but is actually managed quite well is the Hawaii angle. While it's not the perfect procedural (and awful lot of people get killed in this one) it does break up the tension well with humour.

Retro re-watch: Casablanca represents the ultimate homecoming movie to me. While neither Rick, nor Ilsa are native Morrocans, Casablanca becomes the place where their love comes home. Wonderfully charming and utterly devastating, this film is one of the greats. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday, and for the rest of your life, you're gonna regret not watching this movie. Y'know, until you give in and watch it.

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