Friday, October 7, 2011

Pick O' the Week - October 7

Well folks, once again it's my turn to make the pick of the week and I have to say things are looking up! With the Ides of March coming to theatres this week alongside strong contenders (artistically) from weeks past 50/50 and Drive, it's starting to look like Fall may be the answer to my Summer Movie woes.Link

In Theatres: As tempting as Moneyball and Dolphin Tale may be, I myself will be attending a screening of The Ides of March later today so look forward to seeing a review on that in the coming days but for this week's recommendation I'm betting on 50/50. The film has been very highly reviewed by both critics and audience alike thanks in no small part to the scene stealing performance of one Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Written for the screen by Will Reiser and loosely based on his own experiences with cancer, the film examines the reality of a terrible situation. Sometimes, awful things can actually be pretty funny. For a full review of the film check out Matt's post here.

At home: While I've been lamenting a rough summer of movies there have been a few that were well worth our time that will be coming out on DVD this week. Among them is the freshman outing of SNL funnygirl turned writer/film star, Kristen Wiig. While not a perfect film, Bridesmaids was both irreverent, and serious when it needed to be. With a stand out performance from this year's surprise Emmy winner Melissa McCarthy, you will enjoy this film from start to finish.

Also out this week are two films I'm interested in picking up, Submarine (starring Craig Roberts and Sally Hawkins) and the Korean comedy I'm a Cyborg, But That's Okay, if you're feeling lucky.

On TV: I was really looking forward to being able to extol the virtues of various new programs coming to the fall television schedule. Many of this year's offerings were highly reviewed by critics, chiefly among them Sarah Michelle Gellar's Ringer. Unfortunately, my namesake aside, the show stinks, as do many of the so-called exciting new prospects of the season. One offering that I do find promising is ABC's Pan Am, starring Christina Ricci. 60's air travel, espionage and intrigue? Sign me up! To be fair, the show does have its weak points (for instance they've already established that their flashbacks are running chronologically from six months the "six months earlier" captions are starting to get a little irritating). But given the time to get its balance right I think this show could go far.

Retro Re-Watch: Inspired by a trip to my blogmate's DVD collection and an article I read about Johnny Depp basically agreeing to do Pirates of the Caribbean until he's dead, this week's retro re-watch is the quietly disturbing classic Edward Scissorhands. Sad, poignant and every so often hopeful, it is perhaps what I see as the strangest of Depp's roles as it is a rare opportunity for him to play the straight man. The film also represents Winona Ryder at what I believe was her best. Ultimately though, the reason this is my pick of the week is that whenever I re-watch this film I am struck by how absolutely breathtaking it can be.

And on that terrible emo note....have a great long weekend everyone!

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