Friday, December 2, 2011

Pick O' the Week - December 2

Well it's time to break out the decorations and start settling in for warm tea and biscuits. Cheers to the freakin' weekend folks, it's time for our Picks O' the Week.

In Theatres: Check out The Muppets, currently holding strong against the nonsensical box office onslaught of that which will not be named, this charming little film will have you chuckling to yourself and remembering a simpler time. For the full review check out the post below (or click here).

At Home: Being the first week of December I'm getting excited for the Christmas season myself so I thought I would suggest a film that's not too much about the holidays but just enough to make things interesting. The Family Stone is an enjoyable little film from 2005 that nearly didn't make it to theatres. Starring Durmot Mulrooney, SJP, Claire Danes, Diane Keaton, Rachel McAdams-- the list goes on-- the film centres around what happens with the eldest son of a dysfunctional family brings is stuck up girlfriend home for the holidays. The reason I like this film so much is that this family is so messed up they really could be family!

On TV: I'm still working my way through the West Wing but for those of you who aren't feeling the political leanings of that show check out Cover Affairs from the USA network. Starring Piper Perabo as a new CIA recruit who is shipped into action a little early, this one is cute and easy and co stars the criminally adorable Christopher Gorham as her blind co-worker/best friend Auggie. Harmless and enjoyable for your weekend.

Retro Re-watch: Finally, I suggest pulling up a chair for a little vintage Bond this weekend. For my own part I do enjoy a little Connery Bond with Dr. No and From Russia with Love being among my favourites but since there are 22 films to choose from you can certainly have your pick!

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