Friday, December 30, 2011

Pick O the Week - December 30

With the final pick of the week I will break with tradition and try my very best not to write a "best of 2011" post.  I will also vehemently oppose the idea of going to see Gary Marshall's travesty New Year's Eve this New Year's.  Instead I suggest you sample one of the other fine offerings available at the cinema this day:

In Theatres: Though it's had a hard opening, I suggest Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy, the John Le Carre adaptation starring the incomparable Gary Oldman.   A quiet film laced with innuendo and above all told with the utmost subtlety, this spy thriller will have you riveted from start to finish.  While I've heard of a few people who did not like this one, I think the key here is to recognize that there is much more going on than just what is being said and done.  There are implications that are much more far reaching (and more sinister) than you are led to believe.  Look closer, I think you will find a much more exciting conclusion.  For a full review check out Matt's post here.

At Home: Recently released on DVD (December 20) is Woody Allen's much lauded Midnight in Paris.  CineCritical's own Matthew reviewed the film here, calling it,"a great story of self discovery with some great performances."  I for one am excited to curl up and finally have a chance to enjoy this one.  Who knows, perhaps we'll see Mr. Allen at the Oscars once more...

On TV:  While I have been working my way (slowly, very slowly) through re-watching The West Wing I got to thinking I might need to find something else to vary my intake.  After all, you can`t have too much of a good thing.  A random article from reminded me of the phenomena that is Battlestar Galactica.  Now I`ve said this before, but I`ll say it again: this show was never about space.  It was about the struggle of the human race to survive after the world ends.  No metaphor more perfect than cylon`s (androids that look and believe their are human) could be found to examine the true and inner workings of the human soul.  Trust me when I say that you should at least give it a try.  You may find that you`re just as enthralled as the rest of us.

Retro Re-watch:  I was flipping through my film collection this holiday season looking for something to watch and I found (hidden at the behind a stack of particularly silly Rom-Coms) Casablanca.  Strictly speaking while we wouldn`t call it a romantic comedy, this film surely captures the pain and brilliance of love.  With star-making performances from Bergman and Bogart I urge you to re-watch this classic.  I find something new in it every time.

Happy New Year everyone, see you in 2012!

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