Friday, January 20, 2012

Pick O' the Week - January 20

Finally! Coriolanus is opening in limited release in theatres. The trailer is fantastic. It stars Ralph Fiennes, Vanessa Redgrave and 2011 It-Girl Jessica Chastain. And it is Fiennes' directorial debut. That it is the first screen adaptation of the Shakespearean tragedy is just icing on the cake.

Next weekend a great number of films will get a wider release after the Academy Awards nominations are announced on Tuesday (January 24). After the Golden Globes, it looks like Best Picture is a two-horse race between The Artist and The Descendants. The Artist has Harvey Weinstein on its side, who, as Meryl Streep proclaimed, is God.

Who do you want to see recognized by Oscar? Are there any dark horse performances that may steal a bid away from a supposed front-runner?

In Theatres: Coriolanus. Unless it is not available to you. Otherwise, go check out Martin Scorsese's Hugo (review) and see an expertly crafted film with great use of 3D effects. Look for my review of Ralph Fiennes' directorial debut later in the week.

At Home: In 2009 Richard Jenkins was a surprise Best Actor nominee for his performance in Thomas McCarthy's film The Visitor. Jenkins plays an author who returns to his Manhattan apartment to find that a pair of illegal immigrants are living in his home. Jenkins is terrific and the film is touching and insightful. The Visitor is available for streaming on Netflix.

On TV: This past Tuesday, Justified returned for its third season. The FX series centres around Raylan Givens, a deputy U.S. Marshal in Kentucky, who has a decidedly old school approach to the law. And it is based on an Elmore Leonard novel, the man who wrote the book that became Quentin Tarantino's Jackie Brown! But can it get better than season two?

Retro Re-watch: Edward Norton is a phenomenal actor and I am excited to see him in Wes Anderon's upcoming Moonrise Kingdom, but in 1996 he made his film debut alongside Richard Gere in Primal Fear. The Gregory Hoblit film stars Gere as a fame-driven defense attorney representing a young Norton, accused of murdering an archbishop. Primal Fear is available for streaming on Netflix.

Have a great weekend everyone!

My top eleven picks of 2011 will be available this weekend!

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