Friday, January 27, 2012

Pick O the Week - January 27

Well hello again everyone!  Time for the first post-Oscar posting here at CineCritical.  My ongoing frustration with Moneyball's continued (and inexplicable) success aside, this past week saw the joy of Coriolanus (last week's pick) and this week sees us headed in a slightly different direction.

In Theatres: After reviewing I've decided that I really did like Haywire (which CineCritical attended this evening, hence the last minute post).  Starring MMA fighting champ Gina Carano, Steven Soderbergh's answer to The Bourne Trilogy follows wronged former marine, Mallory, who is double crossed by her ex while on a contract job.  Ultimately if you're looking for a slick and fast paced action thriller this is not that film but if you're interested to see a lady kick some ass (the fight scenes are very brutal) then check this one out.

At Home: While waiting in line to see tonight's film, Matt and I discussed one of CineCritical's favourite films which is the 2006 French thriller Tell No One.  When Alexandre Beck's wife Margot is murdered he's not sure he will ever recover.  But when new murders lead the police to re-open Margot's case, Alex is once again dragged into a world he thought he had left behind.

On TV: We've been extolling the charms of BBC's Sherlock for quite some time here at CineCritical but with the finale of the second season and BBC Canada beginning to show the first season I call again for those of you reading the blog to START WATCHING THIS SHOW!!

Retro Re-watch: In honour of the Uma Thurm-a-thon which will be occurring this weekend I encourage you (if you've not already had the chance, or even if you have) to check out Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction.  Starring Samuel L Jackson, John Travolta and of course: Uma Thurman, this film was heralded by Roger Ebert as, "so well-written in a scruffy, fanzine way that you want to rub noses in it."  What's more, Pulp Fiction distilled Tarantino's signature style into pure perfection.  As with all his films, it had a killer soundtrack which almost becomes another character and most certainly informs your reaction to even the most gruesome of scenes.

Bonus suggestion: Check your local listings as some theatres are playing The Godfather this coming Monday (Jan 30) and that is a film that should definitely be seen on the big screen.

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  1. Oooh, you picked Tell No One! I have been telling everyone about it lately - hence our earlier conversation. I am,definitely planning a weekend post about the film.

    Excited for the Uma Thurm-a-thon!