Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Quick Look: Downton Abbey

For several weeks I've been flicking past this series thinking, "Maybe I should give that one a try..."  With the summer season upon us and a reduced number of new shows to speak of I found myself flicking to it this time rather than past.

With a large cast of characters and a limited amount of time, Downton Abbey managed to keep my attention through most of the first episode.  I have yet to see if the rest of the series is as compelling but if so it could make for a delightful little bit of distraction from the re-runs.  If you like BBC series like North & South or Pride and Prejudice give this one a try.  While a little more modern (set in 1912) the series certainly has that period piece flair.

The word on the street is that it just gets better.  If you're in the US you can watch Downton Abbey on Netflix, otherwise, check it out on DVD.

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