Monday, February 27, 2012

A few thoughts about the Oscars...

Well we've survived it yet again! The world's longest and most pompous telecast aired last night, to much fanfare. The much ballyhooed return of Billy Crystal to the Oscars was overshadowed, however, by a host (get it? Host?) of bad jokes and poor quality sound. A general lack of exciting prospects in most of the categories also helped to make this one of the most underwhelming shows in recent memory.

A few takeaways from last night's festivities:

-never underestimate Oscar's need to stay relevant to the young crowd using stunt cameos rather than nominees you can believe in.

-Billy Crystal really didn't deliver last didn't even look like he was trying!

-Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez need to be reminded that while younger than average at the Oscars, they're still not young enough to pull off mooning the audience. Especially after talking about being ladies.

-Jean Dujardin is impossibly charming

-Christopher Plummer is also impossibly charming

-Viola Davis was robbed

-I didn't think that a speech could make me dislike Meryl Streep but there it is. That was the most obnoxious acceptance speech I've seen in years.

-The winner who called out Angelina for her weird posing while she was STILL ON STAGE was the only genuinely funny thing I saw all night.

And finally...

-Cirque de soleil is incredible and breathtaking and if ever you can, see them live!

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