Friday, February 3, 2012

Pick O' the Week - February 3

It is now February. And it is Super Bowl weekend. The Grammy Awards are this month. The Oscars, too. A month jam-packed with crazy fun!

In the past week Tilda Swinton was robbed of an Oscar nominaiton, Environment Canada says that we are in for an unseasonably warm winter while Europe is in the midst of a terrifying deep freeze.

But the most exciting news released this week was the announcement that Adele would be making her post-vocal surgery comeback performance at the Grammy Awards on February 12!

In Theatres: New releases this week include Glenn Close's Oscar-nominated performance in Albert Nobbs, Madonna's second directorial feature W.E. and the poorly titled Big Miracle. There is a lot of crap. But I am going to have to pick my second favourite film of 2011. If you haven't seen The Artist, go see it now.

At Home: Earlier in the week there was a CineCritical Spotlight on Kristin Scott Thomas, and I am picking her brilliant performance in I've Loved You So Long as my pick of the week. Get a bottle of wine and a box of Kleenex and settle in for a heartbreaking performance.

On TV: Showtime has almost eclipsed HBO as the leading cable network for outside the box series. The network just premiered House of Lies (starring Kristin Bell) and Homeland won Best Drama Series at the Golden Globes last month. We can forgive the network for allowing Weeds to have another season and for cancelling United States of Tara because it was announced this week that The Big C promoted Gabourey Sidibe to series regular and cast Susan Sarandon in a multi-episode arc! I am quite off track, but I am choosing Shameless as my pick of the week. The series, an adaptation of a British series, is in a word outrageous. It is filthy, disturbing and the characters are deplorable. What more can you ask for?

Retro Re-watch: There are times when you think of a film and you are unable to think of anything else? Right now it is The Little Mermaid. It is my favourite Disney (nay) film of all time. Go watch it and sing along. We are the daughters of Triton, great father who loved us and named us well...

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  1. You always know when someone's writing a "Pick O The Week" post when you hear trailer snippets from the living room...