Friday, April 20, 2012

Pick O' the Week - April 20

Another week has gently passed and here's the rundown of what we've seen in entertainment:  SNL rocked a hilarious send up of Game of Thrones, while The Hunger Games continues to dominate the box office.  30 Rock continues to ride the wave of previous good will straight into mediocrity, and new clips were released for both The Avengers and Prometheus (if Marvel isn't more careful, we'll have seen the whole film before release day).  This week also saw the return of the much beloved classic Breakfast at Tiffany's to theatres for a limited run in Toronto, and the release of the 2012 line up for the Cannes Film Festival.

And so, on to the picks!

In Theatres:  My vote is going to be for Cabin in the Woods since it's doing so well on the review boards.  That said, I've not had a chance to see it and I usually avoid "scary" films but with Joss Whedon at the helm of this one, and critic after critic saying it's brilliant, I'm powerless to resist.  If you're not sure, you can always check out 21 Jump Street since (even though Channing Tatum doesn't remove his shirt) Matt gave it the thumbs up.

At Home:  Battle Royale is the much loved cult classic that some say inspired the slightly less violent Hunger Games.  Now that you've seen the current box office champ, why not have a seat and enjoy the one that started it all?  But be warned, not only is this a subtitled film but it's incredibly violent.  With supporters like Quentin Tarantino you'll need to be ready for a little gore.  Based on the book by Koushun Takami (which I'm reading right now) and hailed as the, "Lord of the Flies for a new generation."

On TV:  Well I can now say that I've watched Magic City and was wholeheartedly disappointed.  I'm so sorry for having put any of you through that (it was the pick two weeks ago).  So with that in mind, my next pick is one that I've been watching for awhile and it's Spooks (seasons 1-5).  The show is now in its tenth season on BBC and while I think it jumped the shark a few seasons ago it did feature the daringly handsome Richard Armitage for several seasons in the middle (he can next be seen in The Hobbit).

Retro Re-watch:  This week we had the pleasure of seeing Breakfast at Tiffany's on the big screen.  Cineplex has a classic film series running all summer with A Streetcar Named Desire and The African Queen to follow but this week's feature is one of Audrey's most beloved films.  Every time I see this film I'm struck by how utterly charming Hepburn can be.  So much so that the incongruities of the film often escape me (what season is it?).  If you have a chance, settle into a copy with a cup of warm tea (and try to overlook Mickey Rooney).  Oh and keep a look out for Singing in the Rain, which will be in select theatres this August.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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