Friday, April 27, 2012

Pick O' the Week - April 27

We have finally arrived at the last weekend of April. No more lame spring releases after this weekend, although May does not look very promising either! We are being gifted the opportunity to catch Jason Segel and Emily Blunt in The Five Year Engagement or The Pirates! Band of Misfits (in 3D, even!) or another action-heavy, plot-light Jason Statham film.

It has not been a very newsworthy week either. Television networks are gearing up for May Sweeps, which started last night. 30 Rock kick-started the even with a live episode featuring Amy Poehler (as a young Liz Lemon) and Sir Paul McCartney. 

Have a safe weekend. Enjoy the weather (if it is not too cold!) and try to find a decent movie to catch!

In Theatures: If you have yet to see The Hunger Games, I would have to think that you are not a fan. But the film is being re-released this weekend in IMAX theatres. But, my pick of the week is We Need to Talk About Kevin. The film, which stars an Oscar-robbed Tilda Swinton, is exceptional , and I urge you to see it. 

At Home: In honour of Julia Louis-Dreyfus' return to television with Veep, I offer series creator Armando Iannucci's brilliantly funny political satire In the Loop. Released in 2009, the film is a spin-off of Iannucci's series The Thick of It and satirizes American and British perspectives of the war in the Middle East. It stars Tom Hollander, Mimi Kennedy, James Gandolfini and Anna Chlumsky (the former My Girl) and is one of the absolutely funniest film I have seen in recent years. It was deservedly nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. In The Loop is available on Netflix.

On TV: My jaw is still firmly planted on the floor after Game of Thrones' disturbingly fantastic cliffhanger at the end of last Sunday's episode. The series has taken its time getting into the story in its second season, but it is still one of the best series (alongside Mad Men) currently on television. Week after week Peter Dinklage proves why he deserved to win the Emmy for Best Supporting Actor.

Retro Re-watch: After catching Breakfast at Tiffany's in theatres last weekend as part of Cineplex's Classic Film Series, my infatuation with Audrey Hepburn has once again reared its ugly head. There is no other actress from the Golden Age of Hollywood who gives me such pleasure. In 1963 Hepburn starred alongside Cary Grant in Charade, a film that is one part thriller, one part comedy and one part romance, and is completely enjoyable. Catch it on Netflix

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