Friday, June 1, 2012

Pick O' the Week - June 1

Welcome one and all to another hectic week here at CineCritical.  In honour of yet another moving weekend we'll be looking at films that have a certain je ne sais quois but in the mean time let's look at what happened in entertainment this week.

While it took the box office this past weekend Men in Black 3 is getting remarkably bad reviews for such a blockbuster, yet ANOTHER promotional item for The Dark Knight Rises has been released and new Canadian show Continuum as well as veteran Rookie Blue premiered this past weekend.  In other news, the world rejoiced as Robert Pattinson confirmed he WILL NOT be joining the cast of The Hunger Games franchise, and an interesting infographic which attempts to explain the Pulp Fiction plot, manages to complicate it further.

We have new pictures of Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix, a new trailer for Bruce Willis' next film Lay The Favourite also starring Rebecca Hall (Vicki, Christina, Barcelona), and a trailer for the new Les Mis√©rables (this version has singing).  And now....on to the picks!

In Theatres:  So unless you're living under a rock you know that Kristen Stewart is napping her way back into theatres (seriously, this warrior woman has dead eyes) but the more pressing (and far more anticipated) release is that of Wes Anderson's latest Moonrise Kingdom.  The film follows the tale of two young people who fall in love and escape to follow their dreams and in true Wes Anderson style, follows the cast of characters surrounding them that are affected by their adventure.  Come on people!  It opened Cannes Film Festival.  No contest, go see it now.

At Home: Matt's lauded We Need To Talk About Kevin was released this week featuring a tour de force performance from Ms. Tilda Swinton that was conspicuously absent from the Oscar festivities.  The film examines the relationship between a family and their increasingly violent son, culminating in actions no one in his family could have imagined.  Alternately, Ralph Fiennes directorial debut Coriolanus is also being released on DVD and Blue Ray this week.   Set during the Bosnian war the film follows the meteoric rise of Caius Martius 'Coriolanus' a feared and revered general who finds himself at odds with the city he has sworn to protect.  With a scene stealing performance by Vanessa Redgrave as Coriolanus' mother this one if definitely worth a watch.  What's more, if you're not a Shakespeare lover you'll find the violence engaging too.

On TV:  This year's TV lineup has been a little dull.  I find myself watching a show or two Monday night but come Tuesday there's nothing to watch until Game of Thrones Sunday night.  Lately though I've been hearing about shows that are flying under the radar.  Series that are good but just haven't gotten the recognition they deserve.  We've talked about shows like New Girl that people are just started to grab onto now that the first season has ended but what about shows that are cult favourites and deserve another watch?  To that end, my  pick this week is Will & Grace because no matter how many times I re-watch that series I will never get over how well everything just gelled.  And Karen.

Retro Re-watch: Jesus Christ Superstar.  Because.

Happy CineCritical moving day everyone!

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