Thursday, June 7, 2012

Review: "Snow White & The Hunstman"

As one tends to do on their mother's birthday we went to see a movie this past Tuesday that mom had chosen.  Originally, she had asked to see Mirror Mirror (starring Julia Roberts and Phil Collins' daughter Lily) but with some consideration, changed her mind to, "the other Snow White movie."  So we headed out to the movie theatre to see Snow White & Huntsman.

Well all I can say for Kristen Stewart's acting is that Charlize Theron is very good in this movie.  In fact, they should have renamed the film The Evil Queen since the best acting by far was done by Theron, who spent most of the film alone in a room absolutely slaying the script (which was basically non-existent).  Credited to three different writers, the script takes an excessively long time to get started and doesn't really ever get going.

We begin the film with the birth of Kristen Stewart's Snow White, played most convincingly by young miss Raffey Cassidy (Dark Shadows).  According to The Huntsman's narration, Snow White is most beloved in the land and indeed this is repeated throughout the film but it is only at this point that I find it at all believable.  Not only because I find Kristen Stewart not to be a compelling actress but because as a character, Snow White is not given any substance or motivation for what she does.  Each time she is faced with danger, Snow White flees and allows innocents to be slaughtered in her stead.  Ultimately the statements of the other characters and the narration of Chris Hemsworth's Huntsman is all that we are provided with to tell us that Snow White is a virtuous character because Snow White herself is not a source of any inspiration.  The character is never given an opportunity to grow and her motivation for going after the Queen is something we are expected to take at face value. 

Hemsworth too is given less than stellar characterization but it seems that with him at least, the writers have tried to provide believable motivation for following this young girl through the forest.  Blessed with decent comic timing and many of the better one liners in the film, Hemsworth manages to break even when it comes to his character's presence.  The Huntsman is neither a negative presence, nor is he particularly exciting but at least he has some good lines and a few decent fight scenes.

Perhaps the only part of the film that's truly worth your time is Charlize Theron's performance as the evil queen.  Cursed by her mother at a young age and convinced that her beauty would be her only salvation, Theron's queen is tortured and often dillusional.  Given to fits of rage followed by all out helplessness, Ravenna (as the queen is named) she is utterly compelling.  Theron, among other actors in the cast, is more the equal to the character and is frankly the saving grace of a script that essentially has no substance to it at all.

My rating: 2 out of 4

Bottom Line: I saw it half price on a Tuesday and used a gift certificate to pay and I'm still not sure it was worth my $6.  If you're a big fan of Stewart, Hemsworth or Theron then you'll probably enjoy yourself but if not I would say you may want to pass.


  1. True.. Charlize Theron might be the only reason to watch this film.. The seven little men are all outstandig actors - but their parts really are a bit.. uhm.. small.. And some of the "script"'s ideas weren't very believable.. Apparently there will be a follow-up film to this one..

    Enjoyed your review - and I hope your mother enjoyed the film since she picked it and for it was for her birthday..

  2. Hi Irene!

    I absolutely agree with you, such a waste of good talent to have the dwarves barely featured! I'm also saddened to hear there's a follow-up in the works, though not surprised.

    My mother did say she enjoyed it (thanks for asking), though I doubt she'll be in a rush to see it again ;)