Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Guilty Pleasures: some summer favourites

It's hot here in the big city and I'm having trouble concentrating.  It's when whether like this comes around that I start thinking about guilty pleasures.  We've all got them.  A TV show we don't want anyone to know we watch, a meal we eat secretly before the roommate gets home, an activity that might be a little bad for you.  But there is no time quite like the summer to embrace your guilty pleasures.  For me, that means finding all the bad television I can and catching up on it, along with the few good shows that may be airing.  This week's Newsroom episode (other than being absolutely terrible) reminded me that there are many guilty pleasures to be had in entertainment and you know what, it's okay.  Here's a list of a few of mine, what guilty pleasures have you got?

Covert Affairs - USA network isn't known for its critically acclaimed programming but Covert Affairs is a light and airy, sometimes dramatic show about a young CIA operative named Annie Walker (played by Piper Perabo).  It's a little like Alias without the plot twists and serious overtones but I quite enjoy it (and Annie's best friend Auggie, played by Christopher Gorham).  Plus, it's filmed in Toronto...

True Blood - This one may be on its way out after Sunday's episode.  Originally a highly titillating and dramatically charged series with ridiculous elements, it has devolved into a bit of a sexual farce of late.  Following the life of Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress from the south and the cast of characters that surrounds her.  Shortly after Vampires "come out of the closet" as being real, the US is in turmoil as citizens struggle to accept this new power.  Amidst this Stackhouse meets Bill Compton, a vampire whom she saves at her own peril.  And so begins the ballad of Sookie and Bill.  Start with the first season, it really was very good.  Maybe skip this season though, they've jumped the shark.

So You Think You Can Dance - Another show that unfortunately has perhaps been on the air a little too long, I prefer to watch the, "good parts" version of this one (i.e. fast forward all the judging and watch only the performances and no results shows).  What keeps bringing me back to this show is the sheer talent and the perseverance that it takes to accomplish much of what these dancers are doing.  There are a lot of bad performances but every so often you get something amazing.  Check out the performance linked in the title to see what I mean.

My final guilty pleasure?  Watching film trailers when I should be doing other things.  Many an hour has been lost to updating my watchlists.

What about you?  What're your guilty pleasures?

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  1. Project Runway started again on July 19. Season 10. Are we going to be able to offer something new to the fashion world?

    Futurama is also back with its seventh season. I love it.

    I think my favourite "summer series" is Suits. I know you're not so into yet, but give it time. I love it.