Friday, July 27, 2012

Pick O' the Week - July 27

Another week has passed!  Sharlto Copley shared some intel on the remake of Korean cult film Oldboy, Ron Howard released a real page of the Arrested Development script, and The Newsroom committed yet another heinous crime against women (or three or four).  Last week we reviewed To Rome with Love, The Savages and The Dark Knight Rises and CineCritical will be hitting up Step Up Revolution in 3D this weekend to get our groove on.

In Theatres:  This week's openings are somewhat less than stellar with The Watch going up against Step Up Revolution (we may be attending but we don't expect much).  I suggest checking out The Dark Knight Rises as it's good value for your money and certainly the film of the moment.  As Matt and I both mentioned in the review, this one is large and loud but does manage to provide a satisfying ending to a (mostly) well plotted trilogy.

At Home:  Several months ago Matt reviewed Carnage, Roman Polansky's latest offering featuring Kate Winslett, Jody Foster, Christopher Waltz and John C. Reilly.  The film takes place over the course of several hours as two sets of parents try to work out the differences of their children, who have gotten into a quite violent altercation.  Ultimately the film is a character study surrounding conflict resolution but it is also an opportunity to see four great actors stretch their muscles.  While it may not hold a candle to the stage play, the film is certainly worth checking out.  Available on Netflix.

On TV:  Someone in my life made an X-Files reference to me in passing yesterday and it got me thinking about how much I LOVED that show when I was a little kid.  Friday nights, there I was, curled up with tea and ready to get the heebie jeebies.  With seasons 1-9 now available on Netflix, it may be time to revisit the magic.

Retro Re-Watch: I was searching through old films to find the retro re-watch for this week's picks and found the original Casino Royale, which got me thinking of Skyfall, which got me missing old Bond films.  So this week's pick is a classic Bond film: From Russia With Love starring the incomparable Sean Connery.


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