Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sio's Wait List

Well Matt has already graced us with his list of films he's anticipating and certainly a good deal of them are movies I'd also like to see but I wanted to add a few that I think will be worth seeing to the queue:

Take This Waltz (open now)
As I mentioned in this week's picks, Sara Polley has a way with difficult subjects so I'm very much looking forward to seeing how she handles the story of a woman who falls in love with her neighbour.  Starring Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen as well as Luke Kirby and Sarah Silverman, I have high hopes for this one.

Spiderman (also open now)
While I doubt very much that this one's going to hold a candle to The Avengers, it seems as though the reboot might have some compelling elements.  Not least of which is star Andrew Garfield's fervent love of the source material (he showed up to the comicon panel dressed as spidey and monologued about how much it meant to him to play the character).  In Emma Stone we also find a compelling young actress who seems intelligent and who I'm always pleased to see in a film.  I anticipate it being a fun ride with some good action sequences.

Celeste and Jesse Forever (Opens Aug 3)
Co-written by and starring Rashida Jones, this film tracks the end of a relationship between lifelong friends Celeste and Jesse.  When their marriage falls apart Celeste and Jess have to re-learn how to be apart.  Co-starring Andy Samberg this one has been getting positive buzz on the festival circuit and seems (from the trailer anyway) to be an interesting chance for these two comedians to stretch their legs in a drama.

Looper (Opens Sept 28)
I do love a good Joseph Gordon-Levitt vehicle (though I'm not sure I can sit through Premium Rush) however I'm more intrigued by this film in that the premise is time travel.  Also there's a certain allure to anyone's impression of Bruce Willis but I'm really looking forward to seeing whether this is amazing or an absolute train wreck.  Either way, I'm definitely seeing this one.  Looper is the story of Joe, a hired gun who kills targets from the future and disposes of their bodies...30 years in the past.  One day, Joe finds himself face to face with a target who turns out to be himself and the adventure begins.  Co-starring Willis (of course) as older Joe and Emily Blunt I'm excited to argue the paradoxes of this one.

Argo (Opens Oct 12)
I have said it before and I'll say it again: I don't WANT to like Ben Affleck as a director but dammit...I do.  This one is the (supposed) true story of the rescue of six Americans from hiding in Iran after the revolution boils over into the American Embassy.  If this is anything like his 2010 triumph The Town then anticipate high octane action and dramatic storytelling.  From the trailer it looks like there will also be some very light comedy but overall I think this one's going to be good.

The Master (Opens Nov 9th in the UK)
With a teaser trailer that absolutely ensnared me (linked above) and a subsequent trailer that introduced us to the charisma that will carry the film (namely one Phillip Seymour Hoffman), The Master is well on its way to being my most anticipated film of the last half of this year.  When Freddie Sutton comes home from the war he finds that he just doesn't fit into society the way he should.  Driven by a need to belong he eventually finds his way to Lancaster Dodd, the charismatic leader of a faith based organization that is catching on in America.  The film follows the growing relationship between these two men as the organization grows and Freddie becomes Lancaster's right hand man.

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