Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fall 2012 TV Previews

It's that time again, where we start to catch glimpses of the new fall lineup.  Having taken a look at some of the new shows that are scheduled to premier this season, I have a few observations to share.

The Following (starring Kevin Bacon) seems like an interesting offering and is quite terrifying as a concept.  A serial killer escapes from prison 8 years after he was arrested and the man called in to find him is disgraced FBI profiler Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon).  Hardy finds him, but as it turns out there are still a league of followers out there carrying out what Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) set out to do.  Kill.
Premiering early 2013.

Ben and Kate Seems like the producers of The New Girl are looking to replicate the, "that's us!" that thirty somethings experience when watching their breakout hit.  Unfortunately none of the actors in Ben and Kate have quite the same amiability of the ensemble cast from its predecessor.  We will have to wait and see but as with Up All Night I feel as though the addition of a baby or young chid as a main character will only resonate with some of the audience.

The Mob Doctor stars  Jordana Spiro (lately of My Boys and a two episode stint on Dexter) as a doctor who comes under the thumb of the Mob in Chicago.  Trapped between her moonlighting with the mob and her daytime position at one of Chicago's premier hospitals Spiro's Dr. Grace Devlin struggles to find balance in the turmoil of her life.  I have always liked Spiro and I'm excited to see her in a more dramatic role.

The Mindy Project starts off fairly well but very quickly the setup turns ugly within the first 10 minutes.  On a mission to find a man?  Tired.  Old school.  And if I'm being honest: kind of offensive.  Certainly the least interesting part of this show is Mindy herself, with the supporting characters consistently getting the better lines and much of the more positive attention.  Mindy's character is the amalgam of every bad romantic comedy lead that ever was and it's all supposed to be corrected by the fact that she's a doctor.  Except that she's the worst doctor anyone has ever seen, and she's a terrible person to boot.  Not expecting much from this but hoping

Zero Hour stars Anthony Edwards as Hank Foley-- the editor of a skeptics magazine-- who pulled into the conspiracy when his wife is abducted.  When all clues point to a conspiracy that spans the ages, Foley and his children set out on a mission to discover the secrets and save their family.  Perhaps a little on the da Vinci code side of things for my liking but Edwards has proven to have been a fairly good judge of interesting material so I'll give this one a try.  Bonus: one of Foley's accomplices is played by Greek alum Scott Michael Foster.

Revolution interesting concept for a show but I'm not sure it will be able to sustain itself.  What would happen if electricity just suddenly stopped.  For good.  As I say, an intriguing premise but perhaps a little too close to the British series Survivors for me to be really engaged.  That said, I'll give it a few episodes before I write it off completely.

Chicago Fire looks like Grey's Anatomy for fire fighters.  That's all I have to say about that.

Partners-- from the creators of Will & Grace-- is certainly the most promising new show of this season's offerings, not least of all due to the lovable Michael Urie.  Urie first came to my attention as the deliciously detestable Marc St. James on the sorely missed Ugly Betty.  While Louis (his character on Partners) seems like a far cry from St. James, I'm interested to see what he does with different material.  An added benefit is that the cast also includes David Krumholtz, whom I have had a crush on since he appears alongside Tim Allen in The Santa Clause.

Made in Jersey seems like something I could get behind.  Everyone loves a good underdog story.  And there's something compelling about lead Jessica Blank, though I do think they lean a little heavily on the working-class/jersey trope (in the trailer at least) but again, it may hit its stride.  I doubt it will change the world but it could be cute.


  1. I can't say that I have read anything that has made me excited for any new shows for the fall. I am also not very excited for any returning shows. Network television might need to take a cue from cable - shorter seasons - it makes it easier for me to cut down my TV watching in the fall because I can't stand Boardwalk Empire.

  2. Agreed, certainly not excited for anything but am willing to give a few things a try. At present we barely watch anything regularly...opting instead for re-discovering older series. I am somewhat excited for the 2012 season on the bbc though. Check out the promo for their new dramatic series: