Friday, August 24, 2012

Pick O The Week - Aug 24

Another week another four suggestions to provide for your viewing pleasure.  This week saw news that Disney may be looking to reboot The Rocketeer, revealed 53 jokes you may have missed from the original run of Arrested Development, and revealed the trailer for 10 Years Later (which is apparently meant to be this generation's big chill).  In other news we sadly lost Director Tony Scott this week (Top Gun, Crimson Tide, Enemy of the State)
, as well as the legendary cackle of Ms. Phyllis Diller.  But this week's news isn't all bad, with Brian de Palma's new thriller starring Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace finally getting a trailer and the news that we might in fact get 3 additional episodes of Arrested Development (though unconfirmed).

And so, on to the picks!

In Theatres: Opening in theatres this week we have three mainstream options: Premium Rush (starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Michael Shannon), Hit and Run (starring Bradley Cooper, Kristen Bell, and Dax Sheppard), and The Apparition (starring Ashley Greene, Sebastian Stan, and Tom Felton).  Of the three, I'm most likely to see Premium Rush (because of JGL) but I don't anticipate any of these being the next Citizen Kane.  Other films that have been out and are getting decent reviews include The Dark Knight Rises and ParaNorman but why not check out Moonrise Kingdom (still in theatres) or Beasts of the Southern Wild (also still in select theatres).

At Home: There are a few releases this week that have potential, certainly Bernie starring Jack Black and Shirley MacLaine is highly regarded on (91% as of this posting), and Weekend, is being released on DVD as well.  I previously blogged about this intimate portrait of the meeting of two young men and the first three days of their relationship.  Finally this week sees the DVD release of A Separation which has time and time again been hailed as one of the best films of 2011 and which was nominated for an Oscar at the 69th Academy Awards.

On TV: Bad Education is a surprising offering from BBC Three which follows Alfie (Jack Whitehall, Fresh Meat), a young teacher at an English school.  While the show concentrates a great deal on the idea that Teachers are just oversized kids, there are some decent sight gags and some offside comments that work very well.  I was reminded at times of Miranda Hart's campy performances on her titular sitcom and look forward to seeing more from this show.

Retro Re-Watch: I was scrolling through the classic available on Netflix this month and while there quite a few that I very much enjoy (Funny Face, The Magnificent Seven) it occurred to me that one of the saddest things to see, is someone who doesn't realize that a seemingly mundane and everyday trope or convention came from a wonderfully new and innovative place.  With that in mind I suggest watching The Great Escape.  In Nazi occupied Germany a group of American soldiers stage a breakout of an infamous prison.  Starring Steve McQueen, Jame Garner and Richard Attenborough and now available on Netflix.

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