Thursday, October 11, 2012

Quick Look: The Bletchly Circle

Everyone knows that during the Second World War women were asked to step up and serve in ways they had never before been asked to.  Mechanics, nurses, all kinds of jobs were suddenly open to women who had previously been relegated to housewives.  But when the war was over and the men came home, those ladies were forced back into the home and expected to like it.

Such is the fate of Susan Grey, a former intelligence officer who finds her home life unfulfilled though she has two beautiful children and a husband who loves her.  She finds herself drawn in by the grizzly serial murders of a series of young women by a man who is baffling the police.  Susan, adept at locating patterns, enlists the help of her four former colleagues in the intelligence agency to work our when and where this killer will strike again.

Trading on the draw that period shows like Mad Men and The Hour have popularized, and further engaging the audience with the underdog quality of these women solving murders, the show also benefits from a dash of CSI sensationalism.  Quiet and unassuming, the pilot was strong and everything points to subsequent shows being even better.

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