Friday, November 16, 2012

Pick O' the Week - Nov 16

This week in entertainmen, Kate Winslet and Kenneth Branagh became protectors of the realm, Hellen Fielding has announced she will pen another Bridget Jones book and Daniel Radcliffe has somehow grown up into Jonn Hamm.  In other news Skyfall surpassed $500M worldwide at the box office, a new trailer was released for Kevin Bacon vehicle The Following, and it was Matt's birthday last week so in his honour we're sharing this.

In Theatres:  That-which-will-not-be-named is opening this week and all I can really say about it is, "thank God this is the last one."  We have a glimmer of hope for the new releases in Daniel Day-Lewis' turn as Lincoln in the eponymous, Stephen Speilberg helmed adaptation.  While we've already heard about the weird text messaging that was going on both on (and off) set between Day-Lewis and co-star Sally Field, the film still seems more promising as a weekend distraction.  So yeah, if you're into it, check that out.  And, if you weren't one of the obscene number of people who flocked to it this past weekend, check out Skyfall (I know it's hard to tell but that's my pick this week).  It's not as amazing as I was hoping, but it's certainly good fun.

At Home:  In honour of Skyfall's aging Bond theme, I suggest sitting down to enjoy 1967's Casino Royale.  Featuring a young Woody Allen and starring Peter Sellers (among others) as the aging super spy, this campy send up is just what the doctor ordered.  Sharing only the name of Flemming's illustrious first novel, this film has been both hailed as, "a psychedelic, absurd masterpiece," and, "possibly the most indulgent film ever made."  Either way, it's an interesting counterpoint.

On TV:  I have been enjoying the frivolous company of this web show of late and it's got me hankering for some honest to goodness Pride & Prejudice.  So, this week's pick, in honour of my feeble squishy feelings, is the BBC Miniseries circa 1995 with his royal pompousness Colin Firth.  Yup.  That's my pick.  If it bothers you watch Matt's pick from last week cause it's awesome and far less commercial than any of my choices.

Retro Re-Watch:  Since I've been utterly indulgent this week in my choices (and incredibly late in posting them...) I thought I would round things out with a little Robocop action.  They've been filming the remake on across the street from my office building and the sight of the trailers has set off a nostalgia in me that only 80's movies seem to create.  With claymation special effects, robotic (ha) acting and a bad guy played by the dad from That 70's Show, not to mention the title sequence.  Anyway, before the new slick and stylish remake comes in and ruins everything that was campy and fun about this movie, go rent the original!

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