Friday, November 30, 2012

Pick O' the Week - November 30

This week in entertainment, we get news that series three of the beloved BBC drama Sherlock may not air until 2014, that NBC is making an Americanized version of Downton Abbey, the rumour mill has begun to churn up that JGL may be our Justice League Batman.  In other news (and in perfect timing for the release of Hitchcock) a few students at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hannover have come up with this film, which is absolutely brilliant.  Finally, the momentum just doesn't stop for fan favourites Moonrise Kingdom and Silver Linings Playbook which both led nominations for the 2013 Spirit Awards.

And now, on to the picks!

In Theatres:  This week sees the release of Killing Them Softly the much anticipated adaptation of George V. Higgins' novel Coogan's Trade starring Brad Pitt, Sam Rockwell, Richard Jenkens, Ray Liotta, and James Gandolfini.  When two small time thieves rob a Mob protected card game, undermining the local black market economy, mob enforcer Coogan (Pitt) is called in to set things straight.  This certainly seems like the most promising of the new releases this week but if you're not really into the gangster thrillers check out Seven Psychopaths, Life of Pi, or Skyfall, all three of which have been reviewed by the incomparable Matt and all three of which were quite good!

At Home:  Having spent all of last weekend and a good part of the first half of this week nursing strep throat I watched A LOT of movies and one of the great films that I re-watched was The Brothers Bloom.  Now that movie is great, and you should by all means watch it but my pick for this week is "inspired by" the film rather than being the film itself.  Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is easily one of my favourite films and certainly my favourite performance from both Jim Carrey and Kate Winslett.  When Joel's ex-girlfriend Clementine decides to have him erased from her memory, Joel too decides to undergo the procedure and as it's being completed, journeys through his own mind and through their relationship.  Written by Charlie Kauffman and directed by Michel Gondry it is both a confusing and emotional adventure, staged and guided with such precision that I am continually amazed by the impact it has.  Now Available on Netflix.

On TV:  Recently I've been aghast at not being able to find decent television to watch.  Even the tried and true favourites are getting a little tired.  New Girl seems to have jumped the shark, there's that awful news about Sherlock (see above) and just about even The Hour's new season is lackluster at best.  One good thing did some out of the entertainment world this weekend and that is that Miranda will be back come Christmas!  Now then, after all that whining, what have I picked as my choice for this week?  Well, after much deliberation I've decided on the first series of Miranda; such fun!

Retro Re-Watch:  This week's retro re-watch is courtesy of my recently rummaged DVD collection.  In searching for a movie that someone lent to me awhile back I had the opportunity to pick through my DVD collection and found a few gems. My unfortunate penchant for both Rom-Coms and Action Adventure films aside, I did re-discover some wonderful films to while away the weekend and of those I re-discovered Run Lola Run.  My first introduction to German cinema, and Franka Potente (who later was the essential ingredient in The Bourne Identity) is VERY nineties and wonderful but utterly engaging.

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