Friday, December 14, 2012

Pick O' the Week - Dec 14

This week in entertainment news the trailer for Pacific Rim was finally released (and it looks CRAZY), and Arrested Development hasn't even been released yet and it's getting more episodes on Netflix.  In other news, Word & Film compiled a great list of films you should watch in their original form and finally, Quentin Tarantino broke my heart this week by saying that Kill Bill 3 is unlikely to happen.

Oh yeah and while I'm not loving the corporate sponsorship, Roman Coppola has released a new short (it's campy and strange) starring Jason Schwartzman called Die Again, Undead One.  Check it out, it's weird.

In Theatres: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is opening this weekend.  Am I going?  Probably not.  Am I excited?  YOU BET!  While the estate of the late, great Tolkein remains at best tepid about the subject of the LOTR movies, I myself have always been a fan.  Four endings aside, the pageantry with which the films were made was, to me, something to be aspired to and while I understand those who believe that

At Home: It's not often that I listen to This American Life but on one occasion, a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of listening to a show featuring Mike Birbiglia, a comic who suffers from rapid eye movement disorder.  The disorder causes him to act out his dreams while asleep and on the show, Birbiglia recounted an incident where his REM Disorder got serious.  This story forms the basis of the film they were promoting on the show, Sleepwalk with Me, a film that is co-written and produced by hipster icon Ira Glass.  Alternately funny and awkward, the film turned out to be just what I wanted to watch last Saturday.  And it's worth watching through just for the last shot.  Delightful.  The film is now available for purchase on iTunes, but check out the trailer in the link above.

On TV: With the recent (just this past Wednesday) announcement that Miranda will be returning Boxing Day I've elected to make series 1 and 2 my pick for this week.  While Miranda Hart's slapstick comedy is not for everyone, it's both silly and oddly comforting to me.  With the standard shortened series runs that we see in British television and the half hour running time you can easily power through both series over an evening (albeit a long one).

Retro Re-watch: I was looking through my stash of feel good favourites and I came across Back to the Future which, incidentally, is my choice this week.  Released in 1985 and starring then heartthrob Michael J/ Fox, the film follows teenager Marty McFly when he gets thrown back 30 years into the past and runs into his own parents!  Clearly this is a fairly well known movie and not anything that you haven't seen but sometimes it's nice to revisit something you haven't watched in awhile.

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