Friday, December 28, 2012

Pick O' the Week - December 28

It's the last Pick for this year!  Which means that it's time for the top ten lists to start appearing.  Recently this little gem has also popped up, highlighting the best of cinema this year and the themes that have been present in cinema in 2012 (it's actually quite good).  For me 2012 has been a bit of a bust for movies but I've also not been to quite as many as I usually do.

We'll have a look at our picks of the year in he coming weeks but for now let's have a look at what my picks are for the last week in 2012.

In Theatres: with the release of The Hobbit (part one) in theatres, I have been somewhat apprehensive about the results. That said, I've heard from a few sources that the film is quite well done. If you liked the first films, then this one's for you, but if that's not your up of tea, I recommend Les Misérables, the adaptation of the renowned musical stage play. With four Golden Globe nominations and rave reviews for Hathaway, it's pretty much sure to get at least a few Oscar noms.

At Home: My Christmas movie this year was Die Hard, and after such an adrenaline fest I feel the need to relax with a more mellow Holiday film this week. The Family Stone, starring Diane Keaton, Luke Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Dermott Mulroney, Claire Danes and Sarah Jessica Parker, is still one of the better executed representations of a family I've seen to date and while perhaps a little melancholy, it is always enjoyable to watch.

On TV: This week sees the return of one of my favourite television series: Miranda. With the first episode having aired Boxing Day and the second due New Year's Day, I've just finished re-watching the first two series. They're worth checking out!

Retro Re-Watch: There's a certain genre of movie where the action takes place over the course of an evening and by morning (or the end of the day) the characters have had some sort of revaluation. The best example of this (and perhaps how inconsequential it is to the rest the characters' lives) is The Breakfast Club. Do you think they stayed friends after the credits rolled? Something to ponder.

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