Friday, February 22, 2013

Pick O' the Week - February 22

Well it's Oscar weekend and somewhere in California hundreds of stars are getting ready to sparkle on the red carpet in what some are calling the least anticipated Oscar ceremony in years.  Well okay maybe not the LEAST.... A set of posters for the Best Picture nominees has been released by Mondo and they're actually quite good, you can get the full set here.  Oh and just in time for your Oscar watching party, Underwire has released a quick guide so you can fool all your friends.

Matt has also taken the liberty of outlining his picks for some of tonight's more visible categories:

Best Supporting Actor Standoff
Best Supporting Actress Battle
Best Actor Brawl
Best Actress Showdown

So curl up with some popcorn, make your own picks on the Oscars website and enjoy your evening!

In Theatres: Unfortunately this week's offerings at the box office are pretty poor (Snitch and Dark Skies are opening, both poor showings for actors I have liked in past roles).  But you still have the opportunity to check out the Oscar nominees for Best Picture or (and if you're able I would recommend this instead) check out this year's nominees for best short.  They were previously available online (and may still be in some incarnation) but have been pulled in favour of playing in theatres.  If you are able to find them playing near you (or feel like purchasing) please do.

At Home: It's Oscar night.  If you don't want to watch celebrities pat each other on the back for three hours while Seth MacFarlane tries to pull off the dry and humourless writing of the Oscar staff, then perhaps you might consider checking out one of these web series suggestions from The Daily Dot.  The list is quite good  with the exception of Awkward Black Girl, which I've heard from several sources is the best series online right now.  I just can't get into it though, which is sad for me because I do see the potential's just not quick hitting the mark.

On TV: The webseries Squaresville has developed a cult following and much like The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (which also shares a cast member) I have found it to be oddly engrossing.  While I could pinpoint the specific aspect of the show that causes me to keep coming back for more, I have found the characters (if not the plot) to be engaging and enjoyable.  Check out a few episodes and see what you think!

Retro Re-Watch: With Oscars in mind I thought it might be nice to watch a film that stars the ultimate celebrity, Miss Elizabeth Taylor.  In Cleopatra the pomp and circumstance knows no bounds as Taylor's Queen seeks to keep control of her empire through the seduction of the men around her.  While it's not her best film, she is absolutely captivating.  It's also available on Netflix.

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