Friday, February 15, 2013

Pick O' the Week - February 15

A relatively slow week leading up to the last weekend before the Academy Awards. Argo cemented its status as the frontrunner for Best Picture with a win at the BAFTAs, which also feted Daniel Day-Lewis and Emmanuelle Riva, who may very well be a contender against Jennifer Lawrence. In TV news, Netflix has announced that House of Cards is its most watched show, though the streaming website is not releasing any figures.

Nothing interesting is opening in theatres, expect for A Good Day to Die Hard and Safe Haven (with 12% and 13% on RottenTomatoes).

In Theatres: Predictable? Probably. For Valentine's Day I offer Amour, Michael Haneke's beautifully heartbreaking story of a couple's love and devotion through senility. Emmanuelle Riva is a worthy Oscar winner, but Jean-Louis Trintignant (who starred alongside Irène Jacob in Trois Couleurs: Rouge!) is unfairly overlooked. Check out my four-star review here.

At Home: Since Nicole Kidman has found motherhood, another woman has taken her place as the most darning actress working today. In 2009 Tilda Swinton starred in Luca Guadagnini's Italian-language film I Am Love (Io sono l'amore) as the Russian-born matriarch of a wealthy family consumed by an affair. Swinton is absolutely marvelous in the ornately and delicately styled film. Check out my review here. The film is also available for streaming on Netflix.

On TV: Arguably one of the best sitcoms on television, Parks and Recreation is highly regarded amongst critics, but so few people watch it and talk about it. Amy Poehler, hilarious as a a cast member on Saturday Night Live and even funnier as Wife of GOB on Arrested Development, has cemented her status as one of TV's funniest ladies. What started as a quirky cousin to NBC's powerhouse sitcom The Office, Parks and Recreation has settled into a hilarious comedy about love and friendship.

Retro Re-watch: Without a doubt, the most romantic film I have ever seen. Blake Edards' classic 1961 film Breakfast at Tiffany's. Audrey Hepburn may not have won an Academy Award for her performance (losing to Sophia Loren in Two Women), but it is her most iconic performance.

Happy Valentine's weekend, everyone!

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