Friday, February 8, 2013

Pick 'O The Week - February 8

Well this week in entertainment news Warm Bodies topped the box office with  paltry $20M but if the subject matter's any indication this may be a slow burn type of money making endeavour.  The interesting thing is that even with that sad opening number, the number two film (the terribly reviewed and much delayed Hanzel and Gretel: Witch Hunters) made less than half that. Sadness.

In casting news Charlize Theron has signed on to play the lead in Dark Places about the sole survivor of a massacre based on the novel of the same name while MD squared (Michael Douglas and Matt Damon), have gone into a style backslide in these images from HBO's new biopic.  Matt Smith (the current Doctor Who) has signed on Ryan Gosling's new film, already starring Christina Hendricks and Eva Mendes.  In news that I'm a little behind on check out the trailer for Lore, a best foreign film nominee at this year's Oscars that seems to hum with the promise of proper pacing and doesn't give the whole thing away in the trailer.  Interesting.

Finally in news that could be incredible to report if I was more clever, Michael Gondry's documentary about the celebrated Noam Chomsky now has a trailer.  Ah the how SIGNificant.

Okay I tried.

In Theatres: Well I tried to read the book of the same name that Warm Bodies is based on and couldn't make it past the first chapter (keep in mind that I'm a girl who read poetry in Middle English at one point in my life).  It was bad.  So needless to say I'm not going to be recommending the box office topper for my pick this week.  Instead I would recommend seeing Rust & Bone based on Matt's review of what is by all accounts a heart wrenching ode, or if you prefer a little comedy perhaps Identity Thief (out this weekend) will be more your speed.  While I'm concerned about over-exposure I'm still riding the Melissa McCarthy train so this could be good.

At Home: With the a huge snowfall hitting southern Ontario (and an ungodly number of people and cars here to make it a nightmare to go anywhere), this is a weekend for staying in and cuddling up with a movie.  But who says that movie has to be warm and fuzzy?  Why not curl up with a few Psychopaths?  Seven, to be precise.  With Seven Psychopaths (ironically) Martin McDonagh was able to reign in a lot of the craziness that made In Bruges one of my least favourite films of 2008.  When Marty's friend Billy (played with zeal by Sam Rockwell) accidentally kidnaps a mafioso's dog Marty (Colin Farrell), Billy and Billy's partner Hans (Christopher Walkin) are dragged into a confrontation that none of them is ready for.  With fantastic secondary characters played by Woody Harrelson and Gabourey Sidibe, this one entertained from beginning to end.  Read Matt's full review here.

On TV:  I'm still periodically coming back to Raising Hope (I'm afraid to catch up to the current run) and am still finding it quite entertaining and fresh.  That said, I'm going to take this to a bit of a different place this week and suggest that you check out The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, a webseries/media phenom that has frankly got me enthralled.  While some of the acting is not the greatest and some of the scenarios for videos are a little thing, there is a certain salacious voyeurism inherent to the media format that makes watching the drama unfold simply delicious.  And it's an adaptation of my favourite novel which always helps.  And if you find yourself looking for more web series PLEASE check out The Guild (also available on Netflix), it's a fantastic example of what a little gumption can do and stars geek goddess Felicia Day.

Retro Re-Watch:  I was crocheting a stuffed animal for a friend's baby the other day and at some point, mid Raising Hope marathon I looked over and realized there was animal head in the chair beside me.  That led me to remember this monstrosity, which inevitably reminded me of the wonder that is The Godfather.  And then I remembered that I chose the Godfather as the pick in October!  So back to the drawing board I came instead upon the always engaging Citizen Kane.  While this may be a movie that's far more entertaining for its mythology, the theatrical trailer displays the true pomposity of Orson Welles.  And anyone that pompous deserves a little circumstancial attention.  Ah, look at me being clever again.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. I hereby award you your two alliteration points for "geek goddess". I stopped watching The Guild in season 5, but will probably get back into it. It was strangely compelling. I guess it was the geek mystique (rhyming points?), which isn't so strange.