Friday, March 8, 2013

Pick O' The Week - March 8

This week in entertainment news Kevin Smith gets to work on Clerks III which will supposedly be the last film he ever makes, Christina Hendricks has signed on to star in an adaptation of Joan Didion's A Book of Common Prayer and Emma Watson stars in Soffia Coppola's new Bling Ring.  In other news, the Joss Whedon helmed adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing now has a trailer and it actually looks quite good.

New members of my team at work have me thinking of what it felt like to start a first job and I thought it was a great theme on which to build this week's picks.

In Theatres: Zero Dark Thirty is an incredible portrait of a single minded individual whose drive and focus are unequaled.  Jessica Chastain's Oscar nominated performance was truly one to watch with the practiced direction of Oscar winning director Kathryn Bigelow, this one is truly something special.  If you haven't already seen it then please check this one out.  Oh and the reason it fits our theme?  Chastain's character is recruited out of high school.

At Home: After returning from the second world war (presumably his first employment), Freddie Quell is a changed man and falls into the embrace of charismatic cult leader Lancaster Dodd or The Master (played by Phillip Seymour Hoffman). With nominations for three of its main cast the film is a bit of an enigma and certainly not something that will be easy to decode but DEFINITELY a film worth watching.

On TV: Ugly Betty was a surprisingly touching remake of a Colombian tela-novella that followed the titular character Betty through her first few years of work.  America Ferrera's star making role was a pleasure to watch over the four years that it was on the air.  While there were some misteps near the end it generally painted a portrait of a strong, independently minded young woman, learning to make her own way in the world.  You can also catch America in the new web series Wigs.

Retro Re-Watch: Audrey Hepburn co-stars with the wonderful Peter O'Toole in How to Steal a Million, about a family that loans a forgery to a museum, only to hire a cat burglar to steal it back.  As O'Toole teaches Hepburn the tricks of the trade I'm reminded of a new worker learning their trade.  This one is fairly light but still quite enjoyable.

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  1. I was just watching How to Steal a Million a Million a few weeks ago! I do love Audrey Hepburn.