Friday, April 19, 2013

Pick O' the Week - April 19

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This past week in entertainment news, the public was shocked by the release of new t-shirts in the Avengers franchise from Marvel which many see as blatantly sexist, the trailer for the new tv series Helix from Ron Moore (Battlestar Gallactica) was released and a poster was released for Spike Lee's re imagining of Korean favourite Oldboy.  In other news, an epic new trailer for Man of Steel was released (the first one that makes me interested in watching it) and BlabDroids make history at the Tribeca Film Festival this week as they shoot and direct the first movie made by robots ('s about humans).  I desperately want to make a skynet joke here but it's just too obvious.

In Theatres: While it's rocking the socks off the box office, 42 just isn't getting the ratings I was expecting.  Given that it follows the incredible story of Jackie Robinson, the first African American Major League Baseball player (and one of the best players to have graced the field) I have to say I'm disappointed.  I haven't seen the film yet (and I intend to see it for certain) however based on the reviews I've seen I will suggest instead the less box office friendly but perhaps more compelling Place Beyond the Pines.

At Home: Zero Dark Thirty caused quite a stir earlier this year with claims that detainees of the Unites States Government had been subjected to what is referred to as 'enhanced interrogation techniques.'  Now that the report is in and we know that this is in fact true, the film becomes an even more poignant portrayal of the lengths that individuals will go to to fight for what they believe in, even losing sight of what they think they're fighting for.  With an incredible performance from Jessica Chastain this is one to watch.

On TV: With the release of the trailer for Helix this week it got me thinking: Battlestar Gallactica was actually an incredible show.  While Science Fiction and Fantasy is not everyone's cup of tea, what made this film so transcendent is something akin to what makes Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead two of the most popular television shows going.  It's about so much more than what's on the surface of the story.  With BSG it was always a war story, a military drama and most importantly, a survival tale.  There's a skit from Portlandia where Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein sit down to watch an episode of BSG and are so blown away by it that they cease to be able to function.  While perhaps not totally accurate, I have been known to have to force myself to go to bed instead of watching another episode.  Check it out, now available on Netflix.

Retro Re-Watch: With the remake making a splash at the box office and my own scary movie night coming up with friends next week, I thought it apropos to revisit a classic horror tale.  For me, the pinnacle of scary movies has always been those terrible B movie rentals that you find at the run-down local corner store when you're visiting family in the summer.  It saddens me a little that the experience of finding an old chewed up VHS box and taking home a movie you're absolutely sure was shot on someone's home movie camera is no longer an available experience but the classicly bad horror movies are still available to us, albeit in a different format.  To that end, my suggestion for retro re-watch this week is the classic Raimi horror hit: The Evil Dead.

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