Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pick O' the Week - April 5

It's a sad week for film criticism with the unfortunate passing of Roger Ebert, a well respected and well known film critic.  The New York Times wrote an interesting article about his career that is certainly worth a read. will continue to provide reviews in the spirit of its namesake by the staff and partners (including Ebert's own wife) that have helped him build his online presence.

In other news the reboot of Carrie now has a full length trailer (in which Julianne Moore is absolutely TERRIFYING), which unfortunately gives away all the plot points for those who are unaware.  The trailer for Only God Forgives has also been released, showing off Ryan Gosling's attempt to de-pretty himself.

This weekend has ended up being the perfect storm of wedding events with seemingly everyone in my life deciding to get married and have their events on the same weekend! To that end, I thought this weekend's theme was apropos.

In Theatres: This week Universal Studios re-released the original Jurassic Park in 3D for a whole new set of audiences to enjoy.  While this one doesn't have an obvious wedding connection, but there is some marriage material in there.  For instance, Sam Neil and Laura Dern's characters do end up getting married, though it occurs after the film is over, and Jeff Goldbloom's "rock star mathematician" has a string of ex-wives that he references while flirting with Dern.  It also reminds me of the worst YouTube proposal I've ever seen.

At Home: Silly and surprisingly touching, Bridesmaids was a hit in 2012, surprising audiences by being funny, charming and absolutely gross. I remember seeing the trailer for Bridesmaids quite early on and thinking: "finally a rom-com that doesn't turn its heroines into love-blind bridezillas."

On TV: When Alex and Dave's weddings goes sideways, their friends are left to pick up the pieces and figure out a new dynamic when the couple that brought them all together is no longer a couple.  Similar to Friends' opener which saw Rachel leaving an absent lover, Happy Endings begins with a major crisis and lets the pieces re-arrange from there. While I think it does sometimes try a little too hard, it ultimately ends up with some really great moments.

Retro Re-Watch: The film that launched Hugh Grant's career (or rather that quintessentially represents the character that he plays in every movie), Four Weddings and a Funeral sees Grant's character Charles falling in love with a woman he keeps seeing at weddings and funerals.  Co-starring the incomparable Kirstin Scott-Thomas as Charles best friend Fiona, this one is a definitely guilty pleasure.  For extra credit you can follow it up with The Princess Bride (which is always a classic).

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