Friday, May 17, 2013

Pick O' the Week - May 17

This week ABC released the full length trailer for S.H.I.E.L.D. (the new TV show from producers of Avengers) which unfortunately doesn't give me high hopes for the series.  A new poster for Catching Fire has been released and the fall preview has begun with CBS, Fox, ABC, and NBC releasing previews.  Oh yeah, and there's going to be an Angry Birds movie...

In other news, Scorsese is making the rounds for his pet project Silence, Coppola has apparently missed the mark with Bling Ring, and with the approach of the new season of Arrested Development Netflix is pushing HARD.

It's the long weekend....PLAY SAFE!

In Theatres: Having seen Gatsby, I won't recommend you do but if you're still interested please see my review for further details about why I'm disappointed.  And while some have said it too is disappointing, Star Trek is definitely the big one opening this weekend with the cast of the first installment (Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, Simon Pegg, Zachary Quinto et al) as well as everyone's favourite Cumberbatch. While I'm not expecting much substance from the film, the first one managed to walk the line between cheese and humour with a little bit of heart so I'm hoping that this one can at least hit two of the three.

At Home:  With the long weekend at hand, it seems only fitting that we talk about great roadtrip movies!  So we'll start with something that isn't technically a road trip movie but that I will count because it is a beautiful day out and it makes me want to go outside.  River Wild stars the incomparable LaStreep (who is also in this new thing soon) as a former river guide who plans to take her young son on a trip down the river.  When some other river-goers lose their guide, the family agrees to help them get down the river but in typical 90's fashion: these men are more than they appear...

On TV:  Often overlooked because of its hunky male leads and tendency to go for the trite one liner, Supernatural has not only grown a cult following, but grown up over the years into a television series with heart and humour.  Sam and Dean Winchester are brothers who grew up on the road with their father John Winchester (Grey's Anatomy's Jeffrey Dean Morgan) always dragging them from town to town.  When John goes missing, Dean shows up unannounced at Sam's new school to ask for his help in locating their dad.  So begins the world's longest road trip.  That said, the overall story arc of this series has expanded from monster-of-the-week to apocalyptic and done so with grace.  You may want to concentrate on series 3-5 as those are the key arc but the series keeps surprising me by continuing to be very good even after I've expected it to lose focus.

Retro Re-Watch: Negative portrayals of women are often front and centre when it comes to the media but let's (for a moment) focus on some strong and interesting female characters.  Thelma & Louise is often touted as the "screw-the-patriarchy" film of the 90's and stars Susan Saradon and Gina Davis as two southern women who decide they've had enough and take off on a roadtrip together.  Unfortunately, things go sideways and the women end up on the run from the law.  With an ending that will be talked about in Women and Film essays for decades to come, this is a great ride.

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