Friday, May 24, 2013

Pick O' the Week - May 24

It is an exciting weekend! The Cannes Film Festival will be awarding the Palme d'Or on Sunday. The last two winners, Amour (2012) and The Tree of Life (2011) parlayed French success into multiple Academy Award nominations. More exciting, however, might be the arrival of all fifteen brand new episodes of Arrested Development on Netflix!

Speaking of Cannes, jury queen Nicole Kidman has been looking particularly stunning on the red carpet! Unfortunately, Ryan Gosling's reteaming with Nicolas Winding Refn was hardly viewed as a success, earning boos from the crowd. I am still interested in seeing Only God Forgives, but maybe less so? Luckily Asghar Farhadi's Le Passé was not a disappointment. The French film is among the top contenders for top honours. 

Now onto my picks!

In Theatres: Siobhan recently gave Star Trek Into Darkness a three-star review, though she had her concerns with J.J. Abrams' handling of the so-called re-imagining. I will be seeing it this weekend and will add my two cents (or a whole nickel now that pennies are no longer in circulation!). I am interested to see what the future holds for Abrams now that this newest Star Trek has earned lukewarm to decent reviews (opposed to raves his 2009 film). Will Star Wars fans start to worry that Abrams is no longer the visionary capable of continuing George Lucas' vision?

At Home: With Richard Linklater's Before Midnight opening in the coming weeks, now is the chance to catch up on the first two installments of Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine's (Julie Delpy) love affair. Before Sunrise (1995) had our two lovers meet on a train and spend an enchanting night together in Budapest. Nine years later the three collaborated on Before Sunset (2004) and somehow made their love affair even more intriguing, spending an afternoon touring Paris. Now we can finally find out what came after the memorable line "Baby, you're going to miss that plane."

On TV: The season 4 trailer for Arrested Development is more than enough proof that the series is back with as much biting satire as before. Like most, I was a latecomer to the series, watching reruns on CBC well after the series had ended its three season run in 2006. My love of the series extends to my entire family, and even an annual bowling tournament! You know where I will be on Sunday!

Retro Re-watch: I have recently been thinking about Geoffrey Rush's Academy Award-winning performance in Scott Hick's 1996 Australian film Shine. Rush marvelously portrays pianist David Helfgott in a performance that has stuck in my mind since my first and only viewing more than fifteen years ago. A gem of a film from a very strong year for film (see also Fargo and Secrets & Lies).

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  1. The most glaring issue with Star Trek Into Darkness is its portrayal of women, which in stark contrast to Iron Man shows the two female "leads" to be emotionally driven and simply good for romantic entanglements. Uderwire columnist Rachel Edidin discusses it quite candidly in her review. For my part, I chose to overlook this due in large part to the fact that if I pointed this out in every blockbuster I would be forced to spend half my time ranting and would be left with no actual films to review. But I digress...

    I love, Love, LOVE the Before Sunrise/Sunset movies and am very excited for Before Midnight and hurrah for Arrested Development!