Friday, August 16, 2013

Pick O The Week - August 16

Hullo the internet!  With Matt in beautiful Greece (jealous), I wanted to take a look at some of the stories making headlines this week.

Dave Odegard at Word and Film  theorized that the in the battle of Steve Jobs movies, the one you will remember is yet to come, the trailer for McCanick starring (among others) the late Cory Montieth was released and has 7 theories on how Breaking Bad will end.  In other news, the trailer for A.C.O.D. has been released and if it doesn't turn into a romantic comedy for dudes it could be pretty funny. is reporting that Spike Jones' forthcoming Her has been pushed back in an attempt to vie for some awards, and Julie Delphy and David Milch have signed on to do something at HBO.

In Theatres:  Kick Ass 2 opened this past weekend and while I really did enjoy the original book and film I think they may have lost the plot a little in this last effort (what with the violence becoming the point and not the message).  Instead I'm going to recommend The Way, Way Back, based solely on the critical and audience success it's had over the past few weeks of being open.  I do love me some Sam Rockwell and I always enjoy a good guest appearance from Maya Rudolph.  With Tony Collette rounding out the cast how could this go wrong?  Well it could, but let's hope it doesn't.

At Home: Finally on DVD and available for an at-home cry fest is the Emmanuelle Riva sunner Amour.  In their 80's, Anne and Georges are devastated when Anne suffers a stroke that leaves her paralyzed on one side of her body.  With their daughter living abroad with her family they are left along to cope with the aftermath and the true test of their love begins.  Matt reviewed it here and gave it a 4 out of 4, you should give it an afternoon.

On TV:  With the summer hiatus coming to a close very soon I've almost exhausted my options for binge viewing but have recently been turned on to a few tv shows (as well as reviewing a few I have loved in the past).  The show, however, that seems to beat out all others in my mind (and perhaps it's just the kick in the gut I got from the 100th episode) is Angel.  I always forget how depressing and exhilarating it is to watch a Joss Whedon helmed show.  This one definitely got less acclaim than it deserved but perhaps a longer run than it was owed.  The long run was likely owed to all the David Boreanaz superfans, though he was definitely not the most compelling part of the show (Charisma Carpenter, otherwise known as Kendall Casablancas takes that honour).  It's available on Netflix and if you can get past the whole, supernatural aspect and experience it as a regular procedural you'll be doing yourself a favour, it's well worth it.

Retro Re-Watch: Kids is a powerful film about a group of kids growing up in Mahattan in the 1990's and was the debut appearance for actresses Chloe Sevigny and Rosario Dawson.  Touted as a, "realistic portrayal of the AIDS crisis amongst teenagers," the film got mixed reviews but due to restrictions surrounding its content it was initially seen by very few.  With sketchy reports that drugs and alcohol were actually used on-set, and somewhat explicit situations (treated with cold reserve by director Larry Clark), Kids depicts 24-hours in the lives of its protagonists.  Be aware, the actors are just barely (and in some cases not quite) legal age so some of the more sexual content may be difficult to watch.  No question this one is an artifact of the 90's fear culture surrounding AIDS and was meant to shock audiences, but as an artifact of the time, it's an interesting watch.

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