Friday, September 20, 2013

Pick O The Week - Sept 20

This week in entertainment news Matthew Bomer is apparently up to play the delicious Montgomery Clift, bestie of one Miss Elizabeth Taylor, in a new biopic.  For those who aren't familiar with Cliff's career check out this fantastic article from Anne Helen Petersen.  In other biopic news, there are rumblings of a JD Salinger film in the works and there's a new trailer for Burton and Taylor starring Dominic West and Ms. Helena Bonham Carter.

With the tv season starting up again we'll hopefully be seeing some new and exciting television as the new crop of shows premier.  Tops on my list are Almost Human (oh Sci Fi), The Crazy Ones (because I want to watch it crash), Crisis (oh Gillian Anderson), Crossbones (because: John Malkovich), and finally Marvel's Agents of SHIELD (which tops my list of terribly named shows as well as ones I'm most apprehensive about).  Finally, I was surprised to find The Michael J Fox Show trailer so compelling and cheered to see him making his career fit his life.  There should be more of this on television, let's hope the show's not crap.

And now on to the picks!

In Theatres: Without question the fim to see this weekend is going to be Prisoners, the english language debut of French-Canadian director Denis Villeneuve whose last film Incendies was heralded as a masterpiece.  Unsurprisingly Prisoners has been getting lots of buzz what with the star studded cast and what some are calling the performance of Hugh Jackman's career as a distraught father whose 6 year old daughter goes missing while visiting family friends.

At Home:  The Stories We Tell is a beautifully crafted exploration of the stories that families tell each other and the secrets that live in our histories.  Sarah Polley's own family history forms the fabric of this nuanced documentary project which follows her search to discover the identity of her biological father.  Matt wrote a 4 star review ( of the film and has predicted big things come awards season.  I suggest you have a look as it's now out on DVD and BluRay.

On TV:  So I've been watching Canadian comedy Satisfaction on and off and while I'm not sure it's totally hit its stride just yet, the fifth episode sees the characters planning a cat funeral and I'm not going to lie, it's pretty funny.  If comedy's not your style, I've also been re-watching The West Wing and it really is as good as I remember. If you haven't seen it you really should check it out, and it also helps to wash the bad taste of The Newsroom out of your mouth.

Retro Re-Watch: The Montgomery Clift news has me wanting to re-watch one of my favourite westerns: Red River.  Starring John Wayne and featuring Clift, the film follows a group of cowboys driving a heard of cattle into Missouri through an area that has seen much unrest.  The innuendo in this film is not even a little bit subtle and frankly, the number of times that Clift and co-star John Ireland discuss their guns makes me think it may have been intentional.  Have a look at this clip from the first time Ireland and Clift meet and honestly, watch the movie. It's good fun.

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