Friday, October 18, 2013

Quick Look: "The Hour."

Spurred by a late-night viewing session of Emma (the BBC miniseries from 2009 starring Romola Garai), I have gone back to review the second season of BBC's The Hour.  Co-staring Dominic West (The Wire, Burton & Taylor) and Ben Wishaw (Skyfall, Cloud Atlas), the show surrounds a new and exciting news program which seeks to tell the British public about the news in a new and exciting way.  Spurring controversy and (refreshingly) produced by Garai's Bel Rowley, the show seeks to give the public the news their not getting, to the dismay of those in power.

I've spoken before about how disappointing I've found The Newsroom and The Hour is definitely a refreshing example of the same concept done better.  Available on Netflix

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