Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Quick Look: "Rita"

I recently chose Rita as the pick of the week but I've since watched more of the first season and really want to drive home just how good this show is.  Mille Dinesen is PERFECT as emotionally disturbed but professionally exceptional Rita, a grade school teachers who believes that honesty is the best policy.  She's crass, unpredictable, and (counterintuitively) an exceptional authority figure (she really "gets" her students) but she is failing as a mother.  Not satisfied by pat solutions and feel good moments, each episode this season has served to provide a little shading to the portrait of Rita Madsen, which also happens to mean things are sliding slowly towards the gutter.
At times funny and charming, this one is definitely worth a watch.  Also watch out for Lise Baastrup playing Hjørdis; the student teacher. Her relationship with Rita reminds me of Edie Falco and Merrit Weaver in the first season of Nurse Jackie. Awkward perfection (available on Netflix).

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