Friday, January 10, 2014

Pick O The Week - Jan 10

Hi all and Happy New Year!  Here's hoping your holidays (if you had any) were pleasant and that the storms that have been inconveniencing North America aren't inconveniencing you.

In recent entertainment news, we're heading into "awards season" (or rather we've been heading through it) and you're going to start hearing about Oscar predictions.  A LOT.  Tim Grey wrote an interesting article discussing the case against Oscar predictions and elsewhere on the site Variety gathered a bunch of predictions anyway.  In other news, several years after her disturbing but incredible turn in Precious, Mo'Nique is returning with Blackbird a film centered on the sexual awakening of a man in Mississippi.  The film will have its world premier in LA.  Speaking of premiers you can see now see Charles Huettner's short film The Jump as it has been released for viewing on Vimeo and it's definitely worth a viewing.

This week also saw the announcement that you can now stream the entirety of the Veronica Mars tv series on Amazon Prime (which means that if you want to catch up before March 14th release of the movie you now have nine weeks (or just over seven episodes a week).  We heard earlier this year that Rosemary's Baby is being remade as a television event by NBC, but it's just been announced that Zoe Saldana has been awarded the role made famous by a young Mia Farrow.  Finally, while I HAVE watched the first episodes of mid-season offerings Killer Women (terrible), and Intelligence (meh), the premier of Being Mary Jane, starring Gabriel Union is on my list of pilots to watch so it's solid performance on Tuesday makes me even more eager to take a look.

In Theatres: Oh my God, Blue Jasmine.  I finally saw it and while I have always really enjoyed Cate Blanchett, I'm not sure I realized quite how talented she was.  She's in a class of actresses who actually play different characters when they're acting (something that's apparently hard to come by these days).  I mean Elizabeth was a tour de force, and her performance in Hannah truly chilled me to the bone but this; this is genius.  This is incomparable.  If you haven't seen it, I beg of you to check it out. 

On TV: So HitRecord (the collaborative artist network fronted by none other than Joseph Gorden-Levitt) has been trundling along for several years now and after premiering a few things at Sundance, TIFF and other festivals they've made a deal to produce a television program which is slated to premier on Pivot TV channel on the 18th of January.  In the mean time, JGL has loaded the first episode to the web for all to enjoy.  It starts off a little too MTV old-school for my tastes but quickly gets into some surprisingly interesting territory so I would suggest checking it out.  Even the cheesy song at the end made me smile.

At Home: Haven't had a chance to see this yet but it's out on DVD as of last month and ripe for home watching (because it's guaranteed to shock and upset you).  Prisoners stars Hugh Jackman, Terrance Howard, Paul Dano, Viola David, Maria Bello & Jake Gyllenhaal in a thriller about what happens when the daughters of two families disappear over Thanksgiving weekend it's up to police officer Gyllenhaal to find them but the parents aren't interested in waiting and take matters into their own hands.  Check out Matt's Review.

Retro Re-Watch:  In honour of Netflix figuring out that I like both classic films and strong female leads (and then combining those into a category of things I should watch) I give you Terminator 2: Judgement Day.  Say what you will about the critical value of this one but the one thing that is overwhelmingly remembered about this film is Linda Hamilton's transformation of the Sarah Connor from the first film.  Unfortunately Netflix doesn't have this film available in its catalogue but is apparently available on competitor Amazon Prime (which as we've discussed above also has the full run of VM).

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  1. I have loved Cate Blanchett since I saw her in Elizabeth. I have never quite found the time to re-watch The Talented Mr. Ripley... I just hated it so much. It might be the only movie of hers that I truly dislike.